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Thread: why pwn 3g?

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    Default why pwn 3g?
    i've searched to no avail. i understand why you would jailbreak a 1st gen because it had such limited space to install programs and software development was very restricted. with the 3g is there a limit on how many apps you can install?

    the new software development stuff allows programs to be written for the phone without the need to jailbreak, so what are the advantages of doing it?

    the risks of malicious software and turning your phone into a paperweight don't seem to outweigh the advantages i can see.

    anyone care to share some enlightenment?

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    The fact that you'll be able to once again use programs such as Cydia and Installer will keep hardcore iPhone users jailbreaking all the time. The fact of the matter is that, even with the App Store, I myself feel like my phone has nothing special on it anymore. I stupidly upgraded to 2.0 and lost all my awesome programs I had, all my customizations, etc.

    Just to name a few things that 1.1.4 had over 2.0:

    - The AIM program I got from Installer is WAY better than AOL's version from the App Store. For God's sake, you have to be IN the program to get an IM? How stupid is that? With my hacked AIM program, I got notifications of an IM anytime the phone was on, AND the icon would provide me with how many messages I've actually received.

    - Most programs are free, but are quality. In the App Store, almost anything you want is $9.99.

    For the average iPhone user that isn't computer inclined, 2.0 will suffice.
    For everyone else, jailbreaking is the way to go.

    Speaking of jailbreaking, pwnage just got released 30 mins ago for the 2.0 firmware. Have fun!

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    thanks for the insight, i'll definitely have to weigh that out once my phone comes in

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    No problem.

    I forgot to mention one of the biggest reasons why people still jailbreak:


    This program offers endless possibilities to mod your iPhone to your liking as far as the GUI goes. Amazing stuff.

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    Where in Cydia is AIM and Customize???? Please help? (on a 3g iPhone Jailbroken)

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    This Guy is so Right Man! Jailbreaking is where it's at for sure!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ride View Post
    Where in Cydia is AIM and Customize???? Please help? (on a 3g iPhone Jailbroken)
    gotta wait for developers to make them work with 2.0

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    Custom desktop and icons is the biggest reason for some. I hate opening up my phone and seeing the black desktop with the sorry square icons. You can change the sounds too. Once the developers get going you'll be able to do this again.

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    cant live without customize. right now my iphone is like its wearing the same clothes every day. it wants to change.

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