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Thread: How to use winpwn

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    Quote Originally Posted by thewenis View Post
    how do you change the partition size?
    Pwnage allows you do do this under Gernal. not sure if winpwn has that same option.

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    Default noob need help with winpwn
    so im trying to unlock my v2.0 iphone to use with tmobile useing the new winpwn i have all the files needed when i use the ipsw builder and get everything done and click build ipsw it gets to the utube activation and winpwn closes down can anyone out there help me i beg of you


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    Quote Originally Posted by msb2008 View Post
    yes u will get a blank phone after restore. but there is a way around it. before doing a restore sync ur phone with itunes fully and then do a restore. once restore is finished then itunes will give u the option of restoring from the back up or setting the phone as new phone so just restore from back up and you will get all ur staff back.

    ps for contact you may want to save them in your simcard.
    for your apps you will lose all of it since the new firmware may not support all ur apps.
    thanks so much for this answer. after searching the entire internets for a clue, i accidentally restored my phone from a previous back up AFTER i jailbroke to 2.0.1. i thought this reversed me from a blank 2.0.1 to my previous jailbroken 2.0, but apparently my settings and Itunes say that my firmware is now 2.0.1. i suppose the backup only saves the settings.

    to reiterate, jailbreak through winpwn (for pc users), then, at the option to restore as a new phone or revert to a previous backup, choose the latter. if i am incorrect, please feel free to alert and correct me. thanks again for all your help

    just leave your phone jailbroken. essentially you are breaking the warranty, but if you don't modify any of the other settings besides the sounds, mac store employees might not catch on. if you happened to change boot logos, then obviously they would know that you are not running officially-released firmware. jailbreaking is reversible, but if you do reverse back to the real firmware, you will lose your custom settings.
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    My phone is: 2G, 1.1.4 OTB, Jailbreak and Unlock using ZIPHONE. I would like to upgrade to new firmware 2.0.1 using WINPWN. What is the best way to do with already 'ziphone's phone. Can I just simply update to 2.0.1 using latest WINPWN or I need to WINPWN to 1.1.4 and 2.0.0 and than 2.0.1. Is there anything need to do first before upgarde

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    hey cara533 are u from brasil?
    i am, it's because of "cara" on your nick, in portuguese it's same as "guy"...
    answering your question, i think you can simply update to 2.0.1 as long as tbootneuter, what is what matters is gonna do the same thing in the versions 2.0.0 and 2.0.1
    i think it'd be faster and easier.
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    i installed winpwn but i can't get to run. do i need any other stuff like .net framework or something of the sort? i follow your simple instructions: plug in iphone; run winpwn. but it won't run. it just gives an error message that it can't run. something like error 0x00015 or something like that.


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    2G 1.1.4 iPhone
    I am having the same problem, followed all instructions and getting errors when trying to restore through iTunes.

    Do I need to bootneuter flash my baseband which is at 4.9?

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    ay guys what is tha tab "partition resizer" for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cparzianello View Post
    Hey guys!
    it's me again!!!
    Thanks God, I solved my problem!
    and all a had to do was to download another firmware, I don't know why, but the firmware i downloaded from here, did not work for me...
    so what i did was to download it directly from iTunes, and then, it worked just great, in both windows and mac.
    so, if somebody is having the same problem as i did, or is getting the damned error (6) wile trying to install the firmware 2.0.1, all u have to do is to make a new .ipsw file, because the one ur trying to use has something wrong, believe me, i know
    thanks to evebody who helped me, now i'm proud to saying that i've got a 2g iPhone with firmware 2.0.1 up and running!!
    so i dld the official itunes one where does itunes save it to?
    8g iphone anySIM Unlocked
    Custom Kanye West Graduation Theme
    Using on Both At&t and T-mobile

    All done By Me!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by thaforgottenone View Post
    ay guys what is tha tab "partition resizer" for?
    leave it arround 500mb not less then that. this is the space used by iphone to instal os. if it is set to less then 500mb the restore will not work.

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    Ok, i have a real problem with WinPWN When i build my custom .IPSW file and check "Youtube Activation" fix, when it goes to build it, after adding Cydia.tar and Installer.tar it crashes... SO, it crashes when adding the Youtube.tar fix... any idea on how to fix this pr0b??? If i don't check the Youtube Activation fix, it builds the .IPSW just fine...

    If there isn't a fix to this problem, can somebody upload (or provide me) a custom firmware .IPSW file that will unlock/jailbreak/activate my 2.0.1 iPhone 2G???

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    i succesfully pwned my 16gb iphone 2g running 1.1.4fw. everythings working fine except cydia. it cant seem to load any of the apps so i couldnt install anything. is this because i didnt include bsd subsystem in my custom ipsw? i built my custom ipsw with just cydia since there was no space for anything else. i really dont understand why my winpwn doesnt have the option to increase the partition size. can you guys clarify these things for me?

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    Hey! Im a noob here as well! Im still at 1.1.4 and i am planning to upgrade it to 2.0.1/2.0.2. Which is more stable? 1.1.4, 2.0.1, or 2.0.2? I tried using Winpwn for the 1st time ONLY to change my boot logo & it worked out quite AMAZINGLY!...Should I use Winpwn or QUICKpwn for a firmware upgrade? Im really quite hesitant to do an upgrade coz evry now & then, from left to firmware new hacks....really quite confused...BTW,a million thanks to all those ppl who contributed in creating those jailbreaking/unlocking programs specially ZiPhone,PwnageTool,Winpwn,& Quickpwn......

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    witch myth will come early Winpwn 2.5 or the other mistery Zipnone XX.
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    how do you uninstall winpwn to install the new one

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    Quote Originally Posted by sonylover08 View Post
    how do you uninstall winpwn to install the new one
    There is an "uninstall" that comes with winpwn. Look in the winpwn directory in windows.

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    well winpwn 2.5 is about to be realsed, after updating their website saying a realse of winpwn 2.5 will be in week
    (as it has been a week now)
    2 days ago CMW stated there's is a problem with quickpwn'ing 2.0.2 so there will be realse without that or maybe he fixed it
    Anyway this is the news now

    Can't wait

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    What happening to winpwn? The site has been down for a couple days.

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    I am receiving error (6) meassage when i restore my iphone in itunes7.7

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    I was on 1.1.4 and Winpwn'd to just jailbreak my iphone. Not really sure if it worked or not, but it asked me to do a restore from the Custom iPhone that I created. My question is, how do I do a restore from a file on my desktop using iTunes. I'm stuck and really need help!! Thanks.
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