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Thread: Pwnage on existing AT&T SIM

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    Default Pwnage on existing AT&T SIM
    Hey there, I just sent my iPhone in for warranty service and they replaced it, even though it wasn't activated (amazing!).

    My new one should be here tomorrow, and I want to know how to use the pwnage tool to get it working. When 1.1.4 first came out, I used iNdependence (I'm on a mac) to unlock, since that downgraded the baseband to a point where it would work with an existing AT&T non-iphone plan. I don't know why the later basebands don't work with these, but I digress.

    What options do I need to select in the pwnage tool to get my phone to a working state? I know I need to select Activate but someone told me to do Jailbreak as well, which as far as I've seen isn't an option (just activate and the baseband update).

    What will I need to do with the Pwnage tool to ensure that I have a working iPhone tomorrow night?

    Here's what I was told by someone else yesterday:
    in Pwnage, select Activate and Jailbreak. Then, you can install Bootneuter from Installer, and downgrade your bootloader
    then, select 3.9, Neuter On, FakeBlank off, and Unlock On

    I understand the Activate, but Jailbreak isn't an option (and I'm assuming it's done no matter what), and I don't know why I would install Bootneuter from Installer and not Pwnage. Thanks for clearing it up?

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    theres no difference. and you dont have to downgrade your bootloader to 3.9. actually, i would suggest that you keep your 4.6 bootloader because downgrading it technically voids the warranty.
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    So could you explain the steps I need to use? That would be awesome. I don't really want to use iNdependence again...

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    use pwnage and unlock it
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    at the very top of this page you'll find a link to the guides... and in there, you should find the guide to help you with pwntool.

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    The guides are great, but almost no guides anywhere online are directed at people like me, who have AT&T but not an iPhone plan. Most seem to be directed at unlockers or people with iPhone plans.

    This is why I'm asking. If I could have used a straight guide, this thread wouldn't exist.

    Never mind, it's fine. Thanks for your help guys (sort of).
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