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Thread: No luck with pwnage tool

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    Default No luck with pwnage tool
    So I tried. My iphone was previously ZiPhone jailbroken and unlocked (1.1.3 OOB to 1.1.4). the pwnage tool goes as far as saying that it has started pwning. Then my iphone screen goes black and it does not "eventually" reboot, as the instructions suggest. I left it connected for an hour and a half, thinking it may "eventually"... iTunes doesn't recognize it at this point. I had to put it in recovery mode while attached, then ZiPhoned it again and it works. Bummer... Any suggestion? Am I not doing something?

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    This may not have anything to do with it, but are you putting the phone in recovery mode or DFU mode when doing the pwning process? You want it in recovery mode, which will have itunes logo and cable on screen (before pwning of course, after it will have steve jobs). DFU mode would be just a black screen.

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    Thanks jester. I'm putting the phone in the mode the instructions suggest:

    Start your iPhone / iTouch in restore mode by plugging it in and holding the sleep and home buttons until the apple logo comes up. Release the sleep button and continue holding the home button until the connect to iTunes screen is showing.

    The black screen problem happens after the process of pwning has started. after a few seconds the screen goes completely black and the interface program doesn't say anything new. It's stuck on something like: starting the pwning process.

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    That problem you are experiencing is because the phone isn't properly in recovery mode. Try it again.

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    I see. I wonder, however, why iTunes comes up and says I'm in recovery mode and the iTunes connect image appears on my iphone. How do I determine whether this is proper recovery mode or not?

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    If the itunes connect image is coming up, you are in the right mode. But I wouldn't let itunes run while pwnage is running. Set itunes so it doesn't automatically start when you connect your phone to the computer.

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    Yes, during the pwning process iTunes was disabled both times. I only brought it up to see if the process prompted an actual recovery mode. Still, with iTunes disabled, I tried this thing twice and both times it ends up in a dead screen. weird. By the way, thank you!

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