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Thread: stock 2.0 problem

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    Default stock 2.0 problem
    Okay guys here is what happened.I had a stock 1.1.4 phone.I used pwned to and i did everything iy said.It restored fine and not thinking i figured i could use my 2.0 file to go ahead and restore to 2.0.That worked as well but i noticed the pineapple was replaced with a apple again and im stuck on the activation screen.Itunes says it cant activate it.So again tried to do a restore to 1.1.4 via itunes.Does work.The custom 1.1.4 doesnt work can pwned make a custom 2.0 version that i can use.Any help would be appricated

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    Did you select "activate" in pwnage tool when you were creating the custom 2.0 .ipsw?

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    i dont think i did i think i have stock 2.0 software.How can i go back to 1.1.4.I tunes gives me a error.I can't activate 2.0

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    First, connect the phone to itunes. Then, start phone in DFU mode. Then, do a restore to 1.1.4.

    You will then have to jailbreak 1.1.4 in order to get into installer. Install the 2.0 baseband downgrader under iClarified. You have to install the baseband downgrader before 1.1.4 will work again.

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    here's what i did to get 1.1.4 even on my phone.Itunes wouldn't let me do a restore to it.It would get to the end and say unknown phone was left in recovery mode.I started up iliberty just for giigles,and all of a sudden my phone went bing and it had the screen of 1.1.3 before its activated.Started itunes and it activated it.okay back on 1.1.3 so i pressed the update button in itunes to update it.hmm....failed at the end again even from 1.1.3.It was back in recovery mode so i again started iliberty got back in itunes and guess what it was 1.1.4.So im back at 1.1.4 and used ziphone 3.0 to jailbreak now what do i need to?

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    Go into installer, and install the baseband downgrader. First, add the source to installer. Then install Baseband Eraser (1.2) inder the iClarified folder.

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