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    Default - questionable move
    Seems whoever decided that web-based jailbreaking would be a good idea took a leaf out of Apple's book in deciding that JB'ers are too stupid to do it for themselves.

    Yes, there are now quite a few JB'ing apps out there - but the trouble with restricting JB'ing to a single website is that you introduce a whole layer of unreliability, whether it be because of server overload, vulnerability to site-vandalism, ISP blocking or a host of other issues.

    They should have offered a software download option aswell as - which is frequently having problems.

    It will inevitably sour the whole JB experience for a whole gen of users unable to JB their new iDevices and almightily p*$$ veterans off when they find themselves unable to JB because of site issues.

    Treat users like morons and you're asking for trouble.
    With luck, they'll see the many, obvious downsides to the current joke and release a new redsnow, blackrain, spirit, etc.

    I've JB'n my iP4 four times and twice I've had site issues that have wasted large amounts of time.

    Hope something gets sorted out - this is a freaking joke.

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    Wow, just wow

    Did u really just post that?

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    If you don't like all the work someone else has done for you, maybe you should come up with something yourself.

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    You're an idiot. Plain and simple. Easiest jailbreak out there yet. It was and is still very simple to use. Have used it numerous times with only one problem, but was fixed by running it again.

    The balls you have to criticize someone else for making FREE jailbreak for us.

    You sir, are the freaking joke here. Tell me when your perfect jailbreak gets released and I will be sure to sh1t all over that one too.

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    I don't understand idiots who just like to complain. You got your i4 jailbroken!!!! Now shut up and enjoy you m***n

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    From today's posts, it looks as though has been down since at least 6am.
    Wonder if the big boys have brought it down with some sort of DOS attack.
    I'm surprised they've let it run as long as they have.

    There must be technical (JB app packaging perhaps) reasons why the devs didn't release a package - after all, a website is extremely vulnerable as these guys are very aware.

    Quote Originally Posted by g3minII View Post
    I don't understand idiots who just like to complain. You got your i4 jailbroken!!!! Now shut up and enjoy you m***n
    If you were intelligent enough to read my post, you'd have seen that I need to rejailbreak.
    But I've found a solution ... and guess what, I'm not letting on because of retards like you.
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    in my opinion is the best idea since fire
    its way better than computer based solutions and it is awsomely fast also

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    What is wrong with a jailbreak that you can do on the go with no issues? If you are scared about the PDF vulnerability, use then install Saurik's patch that works just like Apple's software update...

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    Releasing a web based jailbreak so users do not have to have a computer at hand is amazing and 100% reliable. So it was down b/c of technical issues for a few hours... boo hoo. Get over it.

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    I agree, very simple to use and i had no issues until after trying many different themes. Where can I find this patch? Will it solve my issue of springboard crashing into safemode?

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    jailbreakme has nothing directly to do with themes. There are apps and themes that are not ready for 4.0 yet so it takes time.

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    The jailbreak works fine and I'm completely satisfied with it. However, springboard also worked fine until (by my best guess) I installed a theme not supported by OS4. I removed all theme packages & tried reinstalling springboard which still did not fix the issue. The only working solution I've found thus far was removing springboard & mobilesubstrate. Is there a fix that will allow me to use springboard & themes short of restoring, rejailbreaking? Of course, in the future, I'll be more cautious of packages not compatible with OS4

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    Well, I'm glad everyone else had a good experience using jailbreakme, but I jb ios 4 using this method, and now cydia is pretty much broken. No refreshing data, and no adding new sources. I always get error 10. I do remember what I did before this started happening, but it is quite a long explanation. If someone thinks they can help, please let me know.

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