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    I am thinking about doing this on my new iPhone 4? Is it a good idea? does it run smooth? Ive never jailbroken so im nervous about doing it.
    If i do jailbreak it can i still hook it up and sync my phone with my mac? can i update the iOS after the jailbreak?
    any help is great.
    Thanks all!

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    It's worked fine for me and many others. Just do a backup before just in case.

    You can still sync, however if you update your os you will lose your jailbreak. It is not recommended to upgrade if you rely on an unlock, as we don't know how long it will be between jailbreaks.

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    Go ahead, welcome to the jailbreak world...

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    will this work with the 3gs 4.0 update?
    i have 4.0.1 installed now, tried to do it and Safari crashed.

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    I jailbroke for the very first time with my iPhone 4 @4.01. I was very hesitant. To be honest, it's pretty buggy. Not showstopper buggy, but random reboots. Many jailbreak apps don't work on OS 4 (mostly Cydgets, which was my primary reason for jailbreak.) tethering only works with wifi (no cable, or at least the I tried didn't), which again is not what I want. In fact, recently it started doing something where it was resetting many of my settings to default (even giving me the how to move icons initial message), so I abandoned it and upgraded to 4.1 and it's clean again. I might try jailbreak again once they break 4.1, but all and all, i didn't find anything that I couldnt live without (fix Cydgets.)

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    Does jailbreak me work for the iphone 4 on 4.0.2 as well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by aceaspades909 View Post
    Does jailbreak me work for the iphone 4 on 4.0.2 as well?

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    4.0.2 and above iOS versions have the exploit patched for JailBreakMe, but there is a new exploit, so keep your eye out in November for the next web-based jailbreak!

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    I just did it and it went fine. I have iPhone 3G though. But the main reason why I did it was to get Youtube to work again (stopped working after unlock) but it doesnt.

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