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Thread: Stuck in reboot loop from - need to recover pictures $25 paypal bounty?

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    Default Stuck in reboot loop from - need to recover pictures $25 paypal bounty?
    I did a complete boneheaded thing when I tried to jailbreak my wifes phone this evening. I had jailbroken my iPhone 4 (4.0.1) a few days ago with no problems.

    I then tried it on her phone (iPhone4 4.0.1) and it seemed to go fine, but is in an infinite loop where it comes up with the normal apple logo and then the screen with the funny lines on top and just freezes. If I let it go then it will sit there for about 10 mins and then reboot again.

    I can get it into recovery or DFU modes and the easy answer is to restore and then try again. Here is the problem... there were some pictures she took this afternoon after her last backup that I really need to retrieve and a restore will wipe all the data.

    I can get some info via iRecovery, but I cant printenv, etc. I've searched for a few hours now with no luck. Is there anything I can do to get these pictures back?

    If someone posts an answer that helps me get them back then I will gladly send them $25 paypal for their help (1st person only please).
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    you might be able to try this, i dont know if it will work though.

    plug the iphone into you computer
    get the phone into DFU mode.
    Itunes will probably say somthing about it.
    ignore it and exit itunes.

    download and install this program:
    SetupiPhoneBrowser.1.93.exe - iphonebrowser - Setup iPhoneBrowser v1.93 self-extracting installation - Project Hosting on Google Code

    once installed open it, and it will take a second or 2 to load. it should show all the file system on the phone.(program is windows only).

    I currently have no way to test this, but you can give it a try, it wont cause any damage

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    same problem here infinite loop.

    @burnout : tried the program but it did not detect my phone and there was an option there that says disconnect and reconnect the phone, but each i do that itunes pop out.

    Help!!!!!!!! I dont want to restore!!

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    you should have saved shsh prior to jailbreak that way if anything happened you could have restore back to 4.0.1

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    Is it still in loop for u. This happened to me yesterday and I found this vid that totally helped me and got it restored. I was so relieved! Let me know

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