I have a 3GS, 3.12 jailbroken with blackrain. I want to go to 3.13 with spirit. I have seen plenty of guides on how to do this.

However, my question is after upgrading to 3.13, I assume all my themes will be gone, correct?

Once I re-jailbreak with Spirit, with my themes still be there, or do I need to reinstall from Cydia, or sync with itunes?

Specifically, I am running iSatin, and have all my icons modified, categories, etc. I assume that I will have to rebuild all my Categories, etc, is this correct?

What about ringtones, and other Cydia apps that I have installed? Where will these come from after going to 3.13, and then jailbreaking with 3.13? Do they require re-downloading from Cydia, or will they be pushed back to my iPhone after jailbreaking and syncing with iTunes?

Thank you.