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Thread: AT&T iPhone 3G 3.1.3 Stuck in Emergency Call Mode - No Sim Card

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    Unhappy AT&T iPhone 3G 3.1.3 Stuck in Emergency Call Mode - No Sim Card
    Hi All,

    I've spent the past week poring over posts on here and on different sites, trying to educate myself as beset I can so i can fix this issue. However after hours and hours of banging my head against the wall, I can't figure anything out. My story goes:

    - 2009 iPhone 3G updated to latest firmware/bootloader/baseband (3.1.3, 5.11.07, 5.09)
    -Tried to jailbreak with pwnage tool 3.15 and accidentally checked "Activate iPhone"
    -When restoring the custom pwnage firmware from iTunes, got a 16xx error
    -Unplugged and tried to restore to original ipsw which i had backed up before
    -This process looked like it went normal, but when it was finished the iPhone restarted into
    emergency call mode and iTunes gave the error The SIM card insterted in this iPhone does not
    appear to be supported (even though it is a functional ATT SIM tested in other ATT phones)
    -I tried doing pwnage fresh without the activate iphone checked and it went through all the steps, this time without the error, but when it reset, it was still in emergency call mode.

    Since then i have tried numerous things to get it back to working status including, calling ATT, Apple, getting a new SIM, various Jailbreaks (Blackra1n, Spirit, redsn0w, pwnage), unlocks. Nothing has worked -------> EXCEPT: When I run redsn0w, it goes through the JB, restarts and functions 100% normally, but THERE IS NO SIGNAL. I have tried installing ultrasn0w through cydia, and all that does is change the signal from no bars "_ _ _ _ _" to "Searching".

    So basically what I'm left with at this point is an oversized iPod touch. An iPhone that doesn't get signal........

    Does anybody have any ideas about what could possibly be wrong with it or what I could do to get service back? I really don't have $200 to replace it with the new release coming in July. Any help would be much appreciated!

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    Camoooon... Anyone!!?

    Pretty sure i followed all the instructions and my phone is still f*cked... any other ideas?
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    From what I can read from your post what you need to do is do a full DFU restore and start from scratch. Basically a virgin iPhone. Restore as a NEW phone and do not use anything you have backed up on iTunes 9.1. That will hopefully restore your phone to a regular ATT unit and you should get signal. If not take it back to Apple/AT&T and have them figure out why you arent getting signal. If you get the phone working after a full reset and restore use Spirit and it should work just fine. I havent had any issues with my unit and I am on 3.1.3 3GS. The phone is jailbroken but NOT unlocked, there is no unlock for 3.1.3 as of yet. You simply cannot run the other JB programs on a 3.1.3 unless your SSH file were saved by Cydia.
    Good luck,


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