Hello community of experts,

Can anyone help me I cannot Jailbreak my ipod touch at all I tried a few ways with GeoHots Jailbreak and NO GO- it just locks up on a Black screen with NO geohot picture at all. Can this be done with my version of ipod touch:

History of my Ipod Touch
1) Purchased back in Oct 2009
2) Ipod Touch 3rd Generation (3G)
3) Model# MC008LL
4) Has 32GB of Storage
5) Firmware 3.12

so basically: Ipod Touch 3G/32GB/3.12/MC

How and what can I do to Jailbreak this? I have tried GeoHots Blackra1n the most current RC3 and No luck

I currently have unistalled all of itunes to try a downgrade method I found on youtube but i tried to downgrade to 2G Firmware 3.12 and it says firmware not compatable in itunes

ANY HELP would be GREAT!!! but Im sure this cannot be done with my version. what else is New LOL

johhny g the boxman from OZ