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Thread: Forget the Blackra1n locking up!

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    Cool Forget the Blackra1n locking up!
    After trying to get Blackra1n to work on my 3G for about 4 hours yesterday I called it quits. I started thinking of previous jailbreaks and got an idea. Just so happened it worked great so here it is...

    I used QuickPwnRC3 to put my phone into DFU mode. I used this page for the info
    iSmashPhone: How To Jailbreak iPhone OS 3.0 On Windows
    Just like it says when you get to the white screen close the Quickpwn window fast.
    Start Itunes and do a shift restore. I downloaded my custom firmware from the iphone fix site. Thanks Guys! V2oo9.2 - Largest iPhone related filebase on .NET! No.1 File Source!
    click the direct link halfway down the page then go to "firmware system custom" link and choose your custom ipsw file. GET THE RIGHT ONE!
    After you download the correct file do a restore while in the white screen on your iphone. It took longer to download the file than to do the actual update. Let your phone restart and restore from itunes and you should be all set.
    This method worked great for me and I hope it helps someone else as well. Use this method at your own risk just so i don't have to hear any complaints if you mess it up.


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    What's Jailbreak?
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    Although that may have worked for you, you're forgetting the point of what Blackra1n actually does... It's here to (when it works) alleviate the need of someone else "custom firmware".

    Will it work? I have no reason to doubt you. Was it easier then just pressing "Make it rain" and chillin 30 seconds while our phone was JB to a current 3.1.2 firmware? No... not by any standard.

    I'd say over half the people who attempt Blackra1n get it to work in one form or fashion, be it claiming it needs to be run as an admin or with virus/fw turned off, or while holding their breath, doing a hand stand, and wearing a pirates patch.

    Bottom line? I'm glad you got the results you were looking for, even if you had to go around your elbow to get to your... iphone. I'll keep to teh KISS principle.

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