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Thread: Removing the QuickPwn Icon

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    Default Removing the QuickPwn Icon
    Hey, I just jailbroke my phone again and i noticed that it created a new icon, a QuickPwn bookmark. At first I was like, oh okay, it's fine, I'll leave it there, but then I played around with my themes and it doesn't fit in. How to I remove it? I tried clicking the X when it wiggles, but all it does is crash my phone...

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    take a look in var/mobile/Library/WebClips
    that's usually where the Homepage bookmarks are located.

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    I've never heard of a Quickpwn Icon. I have used every version of Quickpwn on both windows and mac. The only icons it installs are Cydia and/or Installer. No web clips unless you are using some custom modded unofficial version.

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    My issue with the QuickPWN icon is that after removing the jailbreak and going back to normal, it comes back everytime i restart the phone!

    I'm also having issues with making outgoing phone calls, so im going to take it to my local apple store, and im sure seeing the quickpwn icon will go over well.

    i need this removed!!!

    so i'm going to rejailbreak it in a few minutes, and try removing the icon that way, then taking the jailbreak off. i installed winterboad, the gameboy emulator, and a few winterboard themes.

    is there anything i need to removed to get my iphone back to the way it was? and also is there anyway these apps could be causing the outgoing calls issue im having. i've heard winterboard does that, but even after removing the app, and restoring the phone. it still will not make outgoing phone calls, i can recieve calls, text, and use 3g.

    im using a 3g iphone 8g, with 2.2.1 latest version of quickpwn. never had issues like this with previous jailbreaks!!!

    please help!!

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    I'm experiencing the same annoying QuickPWN bookmark which can't be removed. Do anyone have a solution?

    Like BoneCrif said it's under var/mobile/Library/WebClips. I used WinSCP to get in and delete the two files(an icon.png and info.plist). The restarted the springboard from Categories and the annoying bookmark was gone
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    i have a 3gs and restored it from my 3g back up and that pos quickpwn bookmark is there now, i deleted it and it never came back on my 3g but on my 3gs it comes back everything i turn on my phone and var/mobile/Library/WebClips is empty

    any other option on removing it?

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    Hook up to Itunes and hit restore! or install SBsettings and on the more screen there is a tab for hiding icons. Personally I'd suggest going in to Cydia and choose manage and see what programs you REALLY installed and just uninstall the program associated with that icon. So there you go. Three options.

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