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Thread: OMG ..... I feel like a caveman from Geico commercial .. so far behind now...

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    Default OMG ..... I feel like a caveman from Geico commercial .. so far behind now...
    I was busy working after my iphone was unlocked so I thought I will be good for a while ....

    Now I realized I am only at 1.1 with 04.01.13G , LOL !! OMG !!

    I am so disconnected and lost now, I don't know how should I upgrade to the current version now..

    1. Can I still unlock it without hyper sim ?

    2. Will the new version bring me newer games ? ( I couldnt find and install any games now through installer )

    3. Should I just upgrade to a 3G and unlock it ? ( Does it still requires hypersim ? )

    Thanks for helping a caveman lol

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    hahahah 1.1 ah i remember when jailbreaking was as easy as AppSnapp...
    anyway, if you wanna stay on the original, download quickpwn, google it
    and if you want to get a 3G, also, quickpwn, it doesnt require a restore. thats always good
    there is also "pwnage tool" that jailbreaks the firmware, then you restore the phone with itunes.
    and youd get a jailbroken phone.
    so download the 2.2 firmware, once again, just google it.
    sorry about not posting links to everything, im kinda in a hurry :/

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    scince you are on a 2g just download the 2.2.1 firmware and restore to it

    iPod and iPhone Firmware Download

    then use quickpwn to jailbreak and unlock it

    you will need to have the bootloader files 3.9 and 4.6

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