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Thread: Please help me jailbreak my iPhone 3G

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    Default Please help me jailbreak my iPhone 3G
    Can anyone please tell me step by step guide on how to use WinPwn for iPhone 3G? I know there are posts here and I also saw one on iClarified but I want to make sure what I'm going to do is right.

    Background details about my iPhone 3G:
    Bought it used from eBay. It has firmware version 2.0.2 (5C1), modem version 02.08.01, activated and locked with AT&T. I have a T-Mobile simcard. I have bought a Universal Sim to unlock it. I have installed several free Apps from the AppStore. I have not modified my phone yet so that is why I want to jailbreak it so I can install third party apps.

    First, do I need to restore my phone before I jailbreak?

    Do I need to put a simcard inside during jailbreak? Right now, my phone does not have any simcard installed and I'm using it like an iPod Touch.

    Somebody adviced me about creating a custom 2.0.2 firmware with YouTube activate, cydia, installer 4, and activate the phone. Are those choices I can select during jailbreak process or do I do that after I jailbreak?

    Do I uncheck or check the activation box? Remember I'm with T-Mobile and my phone is already activated by AT&T.

    Do I need to do Bootneuter? Anything else I need to know and do when using WinPwn for iPhone 3G?

    Thanks to all who will respond to my questions.
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    You cannot SIM unlock 3G with software yet. Therefore you will not be able to use your TMo on 3G.
    I cant tell you much about the Universal SIM that you have...might have to do a search and learn more about it.

    However, you can certainly jailbreak your phone...and WinPwn 2.5 is very easy to will guide you thru of how to make a custom fw.. You need to download the factory 2.0.2 firmware for the 3G (itunes can do this for you), because you will need this file to create the custom fw. You might have to download the bootloader files also..there are two of them...BL-39.bin and BL-46.bin...just to be sure download them and put them on the computer somewhere.

    Any others concerns, you can do a search on this forum..and most likely you will get your answers. Good Luck.

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    I originally planned to use WinPwn 2.5 but when I run the WinPwn software, I didn't see the whole screen. What I mean is the the lower right part of the screen is missing. So I used QuickPwn RC3 instead. Even with QuickPwn, I also didn't see the whole screen but I was able to see the next arrow button on the screen compared to WinPwn's next/hand thumb buttons which were totally missing on the screen. What do you think caused this missing part on the screen? The screen was maximized in case you're wondering. I'm using Windows XP and internet explorer 7. I've installed Microsoft .Net 3.5 before I used WinPwn and QuickPwn.

    By the way, using QuickPwn was fast and easy. I was reading tips and guides for jailbreaking iPhone 3G for 2 days before I had the guts to do it! I was worried at first because I read some posts here about their iPhone 3G not working properly after jailbreaking. I'm so glad everything turned out good for me.
    iPhone 2G 8gb - version 1.1.4 unlocked/jailbreak (iLiberty+)
    iPhone 3G 8gb - version 2.1 unlocked (Universal Sim V550) / jailbreak (QuickPwn)
    iPhone 3G 8gb - version 3.0 unlocked (Ultrasn0w) / jailbreak (Redsn0w)

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