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Thread: missing install button

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    Default missing install button
    Hey guys,

    When i go to on my iphone i can't find the button that installs the program. did they take the link off?

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    Are you trying to access on your iphone or on PC/Mac

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    Exactly even i couldnt find the link to install appsnapp on

    I visited from safari browser on the iphone

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    so.. i am not alone.. i kept trying all night and didnt figure it out.. may be some one can help us here.

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    how friggin worthless. it's still not linked but theres an update on what the improved. How about a friggin install button

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    SO they've updated their page but still haven't placed an install button. any ideas?

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    i just went to it from my phone and i saw the link, "hint" says install appsnapp

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    I can't see the link either on my iPhone.

    I did however notice that it says in the FAQ that "you must be browsing the internet via a proxy"

    I'm browsing directly through my home Wifi network and am not aware of any proxy.

    Someone please help! How can I install AppSnapp?


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    I Have The Same Probleme
    Please Smebody Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by byoua View Post
    I Have The Same Probleme
    Please Smebody Help
    so.. when u go to and then scroll done.. u dont see this?

    Updated! See whats new >
    See features >
    See F.A.Q >
    Install AppSnapp >

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    what version are you running?
    1.1.2 is no dice since the tiff exploit is closed.
    1.02 is no dice and has an error message pop up

    does that help

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    Default help - any alternative?
    I do not see the AppSnapp install button. is this a temporary error on the site or there's something wrong with my phone? I have 1.1.1 running after virginizing my iphone. is there anyother way to jailbreak 1.1.1 other than the method?

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    bunch of other ways... look around the forums
    For Help
    Private Message, Email, or AIM
    (My response time might be a little long)

    STATUS: Real busy all the time...

    Expect more when I find something guide-worthy.
    PM me and let me know if you need one.

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    any way other than downgrading to 1.0.2?

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    i just browsed to on my iphone 1.1.1 and the "Intall AppSnapp" button is there right at the bottom.

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    I found out the problem. Add WWW to the link, don't leave it without that....

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    nope. it dont work with that too!
    anyways can you guys tell me hpw to get the on an unlocked 1.0.2 and 1.1.1 ?
    is it thru jbme.comor are there other ways like winscp to get it ?

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