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Thread: Use iBrickr/iPhoneBrowser on v1.1.1 with - afc2 services.plist

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    ohhhhhhh ok, i did that, but still a problem.

    i can put files on the phone, i see them on the device when i look at them through the , but they are not functional. can someone point me into the right direction please. thanks!


    okay, just to be sure wiht myself i restored my device. i have 1.1.1 and i used the only things i added via installer were, taskbar notifier, customize and baseball theme, summer board, voice notes and blackjack.

    I can connect my device to iBrickr and iPhoneBrowser.

    HOW, can i get ringtones functioning on my phone with iBrickr or iPhoneBrowser?

    thanks guys, i really appreciate the help.
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    Juuuust a little help here, i know someone knows lol , pleasssse

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    1.1.1 made custom ringtones much harder - ironically, 1.1.2 made it easier again.

    Anyway, see the Guides section of this site for 1.1.1 ringtones or the sticky post in this forum.

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    You are the man!!! This thread helped me out BIG TIME. Thanks again!

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    just to inform yall ive had to do this to a couple of 1.1.2 iphones too!!!!!!!!!!!!!no biggie keep on keeping on ya know what i mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    would i be able to put custom ringtones onto the iphone through ibrickr instead of using the MeCcA patch? and would the ringtones be sync-proof?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgsxr883 View Post
    no ibrickr does not sync ringtones to 1.1.1 firm!!!!!!!!!but sendasong v19 does
    BUT u can use the IBRICKR to convert audio file to m4a then rename it to m4r with space before dot. converted audio file is just on ur ibrickr windows folder. then use the mecca patched and instruction mentioned in other forum. u need the mecca patched so even the tone made by sendsong will not be erase once sync in itunes.

    Quote Originally Posted by seekay View Post
    would i be able to put custom ringtones onto the iphone through ibrickr instead of using the MeCcA patch? and would the ringtones be sync-proof?
    NO...just read the post above
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    Default is it work for me ??? very much afraid !!!
    Hi everybody .. i've updated to v 1.1.1 with anySIM... pls tell me if i replace the service.pxl file with the one available in the 1st page of this thread .. the ibrickr will work in 1.1.1 ??? and can i upload my mp3 ringtone to the iphone... thanx in advane ... one more thing ... will my iphone sync with itunes after the file replacement .. shashi
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    Replacing the file will not break iTunes but it may disable SSH.

    It will not make mp3 ringtones work - 1.1.1 does not support mp3 ringtones any more - you must use a (fairly) complicated process (see Guide) to put ringtones on 1.1.1.

    If you want ringtones, go to 1.1.2 where they are easy again or find the patched MECCA file to add .m4r ringtone support.

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    Default 1.1.3
    1.1.3 Will not allow you to rename any system files.

    MobileFinder only 100% works in the media partition of the iphone, however does not work in the Application/System/Library sectors.

    So they're needs to be another method to get afc2 to 1.1.3 phones.

    Thanks. - Easily create your own Cydia Repo.

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