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Thread: 1.0.2 unlocked using AnySim (correct IMEI) - update to 1.1.1?

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    Default 1.0.2 unlocked using AnySim (correct IMEI) - update to 1.1.1?
    Hi there,

    First off, I apologize if this has been answered, but I couldn't find a correct answer here or on Hackint0sh. Here's what I have so far - I am currently on firmware 1.0.2, I unlocked using AnySim 1.0.2 - my IMEI number on the back of my phone matches what I have in the Settings on my iPhone, my modem firmware is 03.14.08_G. I use the phone normally - no problems there, also have the running.
    I've been reading here and on Hackint0sh of having to re-virginizing 1.0.2 - my question is, do I have to go through the steps (using the guides here). I plugged my iPhone into my Mac and ran iNdependence 1.2.4 - it does detect the correct firmware, shows as jailbroken - but when I go into the Firmware tab, the Pre-1.1.1 Upgrade button is greyed out.
    I guess my question is, I'd like to update to 1.1.1 - which guide do I follow? Can I update to 1.1.1 through iTunes, and then run AnySim 1.1? Or do I have to restore back to 1.0.2, and I'm assuming follow the re-virginizing guides?

    [Edit] I went back over to Hackint0sh and found two links:
    1. The 100% WORKING guide to unlock 1.1.1 (windows) -

    I'm assuming I can use both of these guides to re-virginize, upgrade, and then unlock 1.1.1? Has anyone here tried these steps?


    Thanks for the help!

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    just to make sure I got you. The phone when first purchased was at ? And if you are at 1.0.2 currently then why do you want to restore back to the same firm of 1.0.2? But I think I know what you want to do since I want to do the same thing. Right now the problem is the baseband. Any unlock application ran writes to and alters the basband and will brick your phone if upgraded to 1.1.1. But if your phone was originally 1.1.1 from the Box then you maybe able to do it following the independence instructions. I have a originally 1.0.2 and cantdo anything until instructions for the Osx is done. I could us my friends computer in windows but I don't want to discover another bad app file like the ieraser. I could wait for now.

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    Hey catmando - like you, my phone was 1.0.2 when I first purchased it. And yep, like you pointed out, the issue of baseband is what concerns me.
    I'm thinking it may be worthwhile doing the following, even though my phone is already unlocked:
    1. [GUIDE] How do I Restore my iPhone to factory state (virginizing)(Mac/Win 1.0.2 only) -
    2. [GUIDE] Unlock your iPhone V1.0.2 + YouTube + Installer (Windows XP) -

    But I think that in your case, for step 2, you can use iNdependence.


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    hey kokanee guide 2 only puts do to 1.0.2 but if you have a so comp then try the virgenizee I thnik you're prety comp savvy I might try it tommorow

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    Hey catmando - I just finished up re-virginizing my phone - I used the guide 1 to do it. From what I can tell, at the end it said it was done, so I'm thinking it worked
    Now that I've done this, I'm going to try these steps here -
    I'll let you know what I come up with


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