I have a problem for a while since I updated to iOS 4.x.

I have a 3GS, new bootrom with 4.1. I used redn0w to upgrade from 4.0.1 preserving baseband.

I have a non oficial carrier (ANCEL from Uruguay). Back when I had 3.1.2 I was able to use some IPCC files I created though a web page. With those IPCC files I could load MMS, Data settings as well as the Voice mail number, so when I hit the voice mail button in Phone app it called me Voice mail number.

But it seems now those IPCC are useless. I tried to look at the phone files, but I dont want to screw it up.

So is there a way to generate those IPCC files compatibles with 4.1?

Or is a way to update the iphone system files to set that number?

Is really anoying having to dial the number while the button pretended to that functions is disabled.

PD: Dialing the number: *5005*86*xxx# does not work at all!!!!