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Thread: Rogers 3G running very slow or not at all. Jailbreak issue or network issue?

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    Default Rogers 3G running very slow or not at all. Jailbreak issue or network issue?
    Hey guys,

    For the past day, my Rogers 3G here in Montreal seems to be verrrrrry slow or not working at all. Even with 5 bars, data does not load or goes very slowly. For example, in the same spot in my room since I got my 4 until recently, I would get up to 6.5mbps down/3.5 mbps up (for Americans, yes, our networks are that fast in case you don't know yet :P). In the speedtest app, the "refreshing server list" step would go very fast and the "testing latency" step would also go very fast. Now though, both those steps take very long and I often get 0down/0up or 0.5down/0.5up and as high as 1.5/1.5. I've tested on the train, on the street in downtown and in my room in the suburbs.

    What's going on here?! This happens whether I have 2 bars or 5 bars. Voice seems unnaffected. This doesn't only happen in the speedtest app but it is very slow/not working in safari and any other app as well.

    Other info:
    It seems that this started happening after I installed MyWi. But even with MyWi off and its MobileSubstrate add-ons disabled, this still happens.
    I also have my3G, but it's not enabled in or Safari
    I used almost 5GB of data last month and 400MB so far this month, so perhaps Rogers has flagged me? My cap is 6GB
    I've never run any torrents or anything over the tethered connection
    I'm on 4.0.1

    I want to make sure this isn't a jailbreak related issue before I call Rogers.


    It's a network wide issue Slow Download Speeds on Rogers 3G Network? | iPhone in Canada Blog - Canada's #1 iPhone Resource
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    Wow, 6.5 mbps!? Even my home DSL connection used to be slower than that.

    Anyways, I hope Rogers fixes the issue.
    Don't be hatin'.

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    same thing here in montreal past couple days, it has to be phones been jailbroken for a month now and i didnt change anything in terms of downloads to provoke a slowdown past few days.....

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    I live in Vancouver, my rogers 3G is much slower that yours, my download is only 563kb/s. You have 6gb data, that is alot, mine is only 500mb /month..
    You should be happy about it.

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    Need to updated ur iphone to a 3GS or a 4.. 3G is old news.

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    I'm in Vancouver as well on Rogers, my i4 is blazing fast, old 3G was balls after 4.0 update. I downgraded my girlfriends 3G to 3.1.3 and hers is still slow. Many times slower than the 4. A friends 3GS on Rogers is a lot faster as well by comparison. It seems the 3G just can't process the speed for the most part. All the phones I mention are jailbroken. Girlfriends 3G is still slow even after a respring or reboot freeing up memory.

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    I live in spain, Madrid, and exactly the same thing is happening to me, I used to have 2 or even 3mbps in downloads and now I have 0.09/0.1mbps.. Though upload I have a relative normal speed, 0.6 I think. Also I hve to say that this is affecting also my wifi, as I get better results in upload than download, just 0.5mbps when in my computer I get 12mbps And I can't understand why cause I have restored several times to diferent firmwares to try to fix it but nothing works
    I have an unlimited data plan and I don't get even 1mbps
    I dont know if this happens to you also, but when I open and close safari, and open it again, it is freezed and I can't do anything, except unfreeze by opening the bookmarks and closing them, that's the only button that works, the rest is freezed, and after doing this, it works normally
    very strange... how could I fix the safari freezing problem? And the 3g connection problem? Thats moré complicated...

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