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Thread: Orange Edge

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    Hi Guys.

    I just filled in the orange edge settings and seemingly I have access to EDGE!? I am on a 35 dolphin tariff - is edge access free? If not how is it charged - please tell me asap!


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    im the same m8, disable it wen ever you dont use it, as it does cost a fair bit

    u can get a package for 8 more extra aweek for 'ulimited' data (but its actually capped at 30mb)

    you will be charged the same like wen u send a picture message, or use wap its all the same on your bill

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    christ! Thats downright expensive!

    Wont be using that often then tbh.

    May consider looking into it when get a new contract in a couple months time - least the options there If we want to use it. What is the easiest way to disable EDGE without having to go in and delte the apn username and passwd?

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    erm, you can always go to settings-network and just change the apn slightly E.G. 'orangeinternet-' and remove the '-' each time you want to use?

    or simply install 'boss pref's which has an option to disable edge completely untill you want to use it again

    sadly orange dont offer any price plans for unlimited data, as the iphone is not yet out on there contract (maybe in a month or 2)

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    There are now some priceplans that come with unlimited data (although actually capped at 250mb) but they are around the 40 mark. As to the data its per month not per week for the 8 which is still excessive in my opinion! Personally I do what metaljay suggested, and it seems to work! By the way dont worry too much if you mess up as your dialy usage should be capped at 1.50 automatically (if not make a call and they will fix it)

    Orange MMS is sent through another APN so is charged differently, (per message) and you get quite a few free for the first few months with orange. I can put those settings up for swirly if people are interested, and it works a treat!

    Then only other thing potentially worth looking at is the orange blackberry service, which I am trying to get an understanding as to the integration with iPhone at the moment, but whilst that only gives you 6mb it is pushed, and when iPhone 2.0 comes out that may be a better option (although it is still priced at a whopping 7.50 for a 18 month tarif)

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