Well I have to admit I am pretty much a noob as far as cell phones go as I have tried my best to live without one but now it looks like I am going to need one, and of course I want to have the best out their and practically worship Apple as it is
I have already jailbroke my iPod Touch so I am not completely new to this. I have also read though the tutorials.

I just want to know what should I expect to work and what should I expect to not work. Can I still text message people? ect. I don't think their is too much that can go wrong, just I have never own a phone before so I can't really think of all I need to know either. There does not seem to be any sort of compatibility sort of thread so I just assume it works pretty flawlessly with any GSM carrier.

Any incite would be much appreciated! I hope to own an unlocked iPhone soon!