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Thread: Clearing up o2 web fair usage policy bolt on Read

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    Default Clearing up o2 web fair usage policy bolt on Read
    I just wanted to clear a few things up for anyone that might be in the same position as me, I did numerous searches online and could not find the answer.

    I bought a pay and go iphone 3g from o2 store 2 years ago,,, it came with 12 months free unlimited web and wifi bolt on,, after the 12 months I had to pay 10 pm which I did and I am still doing,,

    Then I bought the new iphone 4 from apple last month and did the sim swap online to transfer sim details to my new micro sim.

    I heard and read that o2 like many other carriers were introducing a web browsing fair usage policy of 500mb per month and wondered if and when this would affect me, as I use the web alot on my iphone.

    So today I called o2 and talked to someone to try and clarify, if they were going to impose this on me, as I have always had unlimited access,,,, after a few phone calls I got things straight but it seems there is even confusion amongst o2 customer staff.

    Phone call 1- The lady told me indeed I had the 500mb Fair usage policy on my web and wifi bolt on! and it had always been on( I know this is not true as I have not had broadband in my house for months at a time and heavy used my web bolt on(well over 500mb per month, more like 1-2gb) and never been charged or had a text or anything.

    Next I talked to an o2 member of staff through one of those chat boxes on the o2 website. Who told me the web and wifi bolt on I had, had a fair usuage policy of 2gb, only the new unlimited web bolt on has the 500mb policy.

    Phone call 2- Talked to another member of staff at o2 customer service who clarified that indeed my bolt on (web and wifi) which I have had for 2 years now is indeed the 2gb per month fair usage policy)

    He explained that this bolt on is specificaly for the iphone because as we all know we can use the 3g etc a heck of alot, and if you watch you tube videos and the likes 500mb can be used up in a week or 2 easily.

    So if your in a similar situation or you are looking to get the bolt on I have you are best calling o2, as the tariffs they advertise with unlimited web included are all 500mb capped per month.

    You need to pick a call and text tariff,, and then get the web and wifi bolt on for 10per month which has a 2gb cap on it. So you should probably phone them and explain you want this bolt on and not the 500mb one,, the second guy at o2 I called said the 2gb was specificaly for the iphone.

    Sorry for the mega story but felt this needed posting for anyone in my position as there seems to be no definitive answer on o2 website or that has been posted on the internet anywhere else.
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