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Thread: Would getting an iphone work with Sprint if...

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    Default Would getting an iphone work with Sprint if...
    Hey guys I have a freind here at work, that saw my iphone and thought it was the coolest thing, with all stuff I have on it, and I told him all the stuff we can put on it, and about this site, etc... So anyways, he wants to get one, but he uses Sprint and I didn't see a sims card anywhere?? I was just wondering, if there is a sims card in there somewhere and I missed it, or if it in fact it doesn't have one? So I guess, if no sims, then can't possibly use an iphone right? Anyway, if anyone can answer my question, I would totally appreciate it! Muuuaaaah!!
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    Im pretty sure it cant because if I remember right, Sprint is CDMA, and the iPhone only works with GSM networks...

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    Sprint uses the CDMA technology. There is 100% no way that it could work. And no, they don't use SIM card tech. Sorry
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    sprint carries a media phone similar, but that's as close as it gets.

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    Tell him to buck up and make the switch. I did, and couldn't be happier with my choice.

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