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Thread: problem on receiving calls..!

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    Default problem on receiving calls..!
    i have a jailbreakd iphone3g 3.0.. i didn't have any problems before but after using it sometime, my callers is now having a hard time trying to contact me. i can call though. only i cant be called. they can only reach me atleast once after 15 tries. my carrier is QTEL (qatar). maybe i installed an application that led to this? do you guys have any idea about this? what should i do? need help pleeeeease..

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    Install BossPrefs from cydia, go to Extars and (Fix User Dir permisssions)then restart the iPhone.
    If the problme continues then check APN and delete the sittings.

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    i will try this out.. thanks for the help man.. i really appreciate it.

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    I had the same problem with my iPhone 2G, jailbroke and unlocked with OS 3.0.1. It worked fine for ages, then suddenly I could make calls, but not receive them. First I thought it was the sim card (transferred number from different provider), but after checking with other sim cards, every sim card I used had the same problem, could make calls but not receive them.
    So I restored, jailbroke and unlocked with OS 3.0.1 again and it worked. Lazy as I am I restored a backup and same problem again, could not receive calls.
    So restored, jailbroke and unlocked again with OS 3.0.1, worked perfect, then synced apps, photos, music etc and imported contacts from sim card. Took a few hours to get it back to its original state, but at least I can receive calls again.

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