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Thread: Rogers unlocked iPhone data "issues" Free Data?

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    Smile Rogers unlocked iPhone data "issues" Free Data?
    I have a iPhone 2G unlocked on the Rogers network. I use Pay-As-You-Go and I just talk and text. A few nights ago I had it on my night side table when i was trying to sleep, and it was on silent and it vibrated, i looked at it and I read a new email that came in then realized im not on Wi-Fi. I was BLOWN away. It NEVER worked at all, because i didnt have a data plan. It just started working randomly. I launched safari, and i was browsing. I quickly realized how expensive this might be and saw it wasnt charging me for this. I used it for a few days without charge, I have used over 1GB of free data. during this, it constantly would start and stop working, and it is on a 2 hour non working streak, Anything i can do to get this miracle back? Or any thoughts on HOW or WHY this works at all? or why it just started working randomly? Help! I want data (even if I have to pay )

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    This is exactly what happen to my friend, but he is on fido.

    I think it's a mistake on their behalf. And I have to pay for my plan....,

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    I unlocked my iPhone 3G 2 weeks ago and originally 3G was disabled but somehow the unlock enabled it. I'm still using Fido but I'm using a different SIM card. I was wondering if I would be charged because of the horrifying rate of 3 cents/KB. I've used 15 MB but I don't dare using anymore because of a 450 dollar extra on my bill. Does anyone know if the data is charged from the SIM card or the actual phone? If anyone does know can you please tell me I'd be very grateful.

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    Default Anything new
    I am in the same "free data" boat. Anything new about the billing? Are we getting/going to be charged or is it just a fluke?

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    i haven't been charged since i've been using it when it works of course but i think we better keep our mouth shut 'cause i don't think they'd like that so don't talk bout this, there is no way to get it, if you got it, you got it, maybe you will get it again or you won't

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    Default Same for me
    Same for me, I'm in LatinAmerican and I have free 3G from few days but I dont have any Free data plan and I have pay as you go.

    How can it be happen too in USA ?? is Apple releasing something new?

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    Im on Rogers and I've had the same thing happen to me. This was quite a few years ago. I had free browsing for several months and took full advantage of it.
    One day I had to talk to customer service about something unrelated to the browsing issue.( I never mentioned a thing ever! Who am I tolook a gift horse in themouth right.) Anyhow, after that call my I found myself unable to access browsing anymore

    At that time I was on a contracted plan with Rogers. Several months after the sudden loss of the free browsing a I received a bill for several thousand dollars from Rogers. Although I persistantly tried to get an explanation from Rogers as to what the thousands of dollars they were billing me for was for I never received one. I even went so far as to walking into the main office in the Metrotown tower to find someone who would give me an explanation as to what and why I had been billed thousands of dollars for. Needless to say that didn't go well and I never got an explanation.
    Being unable (and unwilling)to pay such a large amount of money for which Rogers was unable(or unwilling) to explain the reason for ended up in the default of the terms of contract on my behalve and resulted in Rogers both terminating my phone service AND placing the terms of service default charges onto the bill of thousands of dollars I already had received.
    This essentually made it impossible for me to get phone service even with any of the other mobile service providers here in B.C. and being in posesion of a very nice phone that was locked to Rogers I was forced to Pay as you go where basically it costs twice as much for half as much.

    Take from my experience what you want.

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    i've been getting free data all week as well im using a nokia n900 but its a europe model so i cant get 3g with rogers

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    Quote Originally Posted by kemar7856 View Post
    i've been getting free data all week as well im using a nokia n900 but its a europe model so i cant get 3g with rogers
    You can unlock your nokia phone from the official provider. You can ask any of your friends who has service with the provider to get the unlock code, all you need to do is to provide your nokia phone imei number. They will provide you with certain codes to press but do it carefully cos you have only 3 tries.

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