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Thread: data with consumer cellular

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    Default data with consumer cellular
    hi everybody!

    i have consumer cellular, which works fine on my iphone without jailbreaking/unlocking, since they use the AT&T network, i understand.

    however, i cannot seem to get data working. i have added the 1 MB data plan to my service and waited a few days.. just to be sure it is activated.

    when i turn off my wifi and i have an E up in the top status bar, i am unable to access for example... i get an error "could not activate cellular data network: you are not subscribed to a cellular data service"

    i have tried to turn on 3G, and, when i do that, the E turns to a 3G, but i still get the same error. i have also tried turning on "data roaming" without any luck.

    any ideas? thanks!

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    Does the voice work with that carrier?

    The data will most likely not work as-is because the phone is programmed to default to the proper setting for the iphone data plan...

    Have you tried unlocking the data as if it were on a different AT&T plan? Using I would try going to that site from the browser while using wifi. After you install the appropriate profile turn the phone off, turn it back on and see if the data works. Please let me know if this works and contact me with any questioins....

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    I can't even get THAT on. How do we fix this?

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    I have the same problem - voice & text work but MMM and web do not.
    The lead support person at CC told me they have the manufacture of their phones build in access. I used and set APN to wap.cingular which is what I see on one of CC's phones which works on the web.
    So, something else must be missing.

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    If I may I have a suggestion, if you have confirmed with your carrier that you have data service, I suggest you follow this guide here

    I had a similar problem getting my iphone to use the local carriers network so I used the iphone configuration utility to create a custom APN profile for my phone. We do have a local iphone provider here but I got my phone before they became the official iphone carrier here. I followed the guide to install a custom APN for my phone and have done so for others who the local carrier said they couldn't do. Hope this helps.

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    thanks all for the information. i know a lot of time has passed since i started this thread, but it would still be great if we could figure this out! i am still with Consumer Cellular and i have found them to be a stellar company!

    i also did try using and selected 'US - Cingular' which didn't work. i have a feeling we may have to enter something custom into there. perhaps wap.cingular is correct but there is a different user/passwd for Consumer Cellular?

    Tmaloy, thanks a lot for a link to that tutorial.

    however, i am unclear as to what it is showing us to do. is it showing us how to change the carrier settings? is that not the same procedure as what is doing? if it is a different procedure, what do we need to change in the carrier.plist file?

    perhaps someone can expand more on the process involved...

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    Default Hope this helps
    I don't have either your phone or the service, but have been looking into Consumer cellular. I ran across this, it may help

    Consumer Cellular Phone Support - Online Customer Service for Consumer Cellular Users
    under the voicemail...> connect >
    I have a non-Consumer Cellular phone. How do I set up Connect! service?
    If you are using your own phone with your Consumer Cellular plan, you can sign up for one of our Connect! plans for messaging and web browsing:

    1. Sign up for the Connect! service:
    1. Log in to My Account.
    2. Click “Change Services” in the box on the right.
    3. Select the Connect! plan that best fits your needs.
    4. Select “Messaging” and “Data (Web)” for the different phones on your plan. You can decide which phones receive each service. Turning off one of the services for a selected phone, or for all phones, does not affect the price of the plan.
    5. Click “Submit.”
    2. Configure your phone to work with the Connect! service. Each phone is different, so you will need to refer to your phone’s user manual to find out how to change the following settings:

    Service Name MMS
    Proxy Address
    Proxy Port 80
    Proxy Push Disabled
    Authentication Type Secure
    Username (CSD/GPRS) <blank>
    Password (CSD/GPRS) <blank>
    GPRS access point att.mvno

    Service Name Web
    Proxy Address <blank>
    Proxy Port <blank>
    Proxy Push Enabled
    Authentication Type Secure
    Username (CSD/GPRS) <blank>
    Password (CSD/GPRS) <blank>
    GPRS access point att.mvno

    Other Notes:

    1. Our Connect! service is a great deal for casual data use. However we do not offer unlimited plans for heavy data use, such as watching videos or listening to streaming audio.
    2. Please understand that, while our Customer Service representatives do everything they can to help solve customers' problems, they are not trained in setting up phones that do not come with the Consumer Cellular service.

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    Default Data working with Consumer Cellular!
    I got this working. I did have to access carrier bundle files (for which you must be jailbroken) but it was a pretty easy fix. I got it working on both my 3GS and my wife's 3G. Consumer Cellular only provides data via the old edge network so if you turn on 3G you won't get any data at all. See my blog post for more info...
    iPhone 3GS on Consumer Cellular with Edge data working!
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    Default Say YES to MVNO and bring your AT&T iPhone to Consumer Cellular
    There is a discussion thread on the apple site... Any functional AT&T phone will work without any unlocking on Consumer Cellular including 3gs, 4, 4s, 5, 5c and 5s...The 5 series and beyond use a nano-sim which is easy enough to trim to fit...Read Step-by-Step directions on the apple site. I you want a $10 referral credit use my phone number and we both get a $10 credit on our Consumer Cellular bill 805-637-ate744

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