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Thread: Virgin (UK) MMS settings on 3.0 unlocked iPhone

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    Default Virgin (UK) MMS settings on 3.0 unlocked iPhone
    I've unlocked my iPhone using ultrasnow and my virgin sim works fine. But there's no icon to take a photo within SMS messages so guess that means its not working. The MMS screen on the phone is asking for APN/Username/Password/MMSC/MMS Proxy etc but the only virgin MMS config I can find on the web gives different field names:

    APN address:
    Gateway address :
    Port number: 8080
    Username : user
    Password: (leave blank)
    Session type: Continuous / permanent
    Authentication: Normal

    Does anyone know the info for all the fields on the iphone settings page?


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    Working Virgin Mobile UK settings -

    Make sure your phone number is stored +44 at the begining no 0's etc

    Username: user
    Password: (leave blank)

    Make sure you restart your phone after inputting the settings for them to take effect

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    Question 3.0 MMS on Virgin
    Hi, I have done everything i can see including putting in all the settings but it still won't send or recieve pictures......HELP!!!

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    Default Virgin MMS settings UK
    Good Luck With This!

    I have been on the phone to Virgin UK for the past 4 days.

    They even got some one from their "Technical department" to call me. Who spoke down to me as if I was an idiot, until I shouted back at him. I don't even think he has even seen an iPhone.
    He then back down and said that normally, they just send a text with the settings, but they can't do that with iPhones.
    I had to tell him how to enter the settings!

    Unlimited internet is good though.

    There has got to be a solution out there?

    My SIM sent a message in another phone, so it has to be something to do with the settings?

    Like I say good luck and please keep in touch if you find anything out, as I will.



    Just tried these settings and they work :

    Username : (leave blank)
    Password: (leave blank)
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    Thanks for this, it worked for me too, the only change I made was the IP address from to when I repowered the two texts were delivered.

    I don't know why more people don't chose Virgin for iPhone - 5 a month on PAYG for a gig of data. Brilliant

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    Same problem for me & virgin are hopeless!!!! where do i go to enter these settings?

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    It can be under settings > general > network but the provider can hide this menu from you Since I posted this I swapped over to T-Mobile instead, they do hide the menu so I can't check it for you.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    Not sure if things are different now with the new O/S 5.0 but the network menu is there but under it i only have:

    Enable 3G
    Cellular Data
    Data Roaming
    Personal Hotspot

    if it's the VPN thing then my options seem different:
    RSA SecurID (on or off?)
    Send all traffic (on or off?)

    Then is i select proxy to manual i also get:
    Authentication (on or off?)
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    I don't think you have access to it (that is, T-Mobile or Virgin have disabled the menu in the SIM). I have some old screenshots I took when I raised this with Apple a while back and in there I have:

    Settings > General > Network -

    Under the switch "Cellular Data" there is another menu "Cellular Data Network". This is the one that's hidden.

    In that menu, I have:

    Cellular Data APN/User/Password
    MMS APN/User/Password/MMSC/MMS Proxy
    Tethering APN/User/Password

    I recall you may be able to apply some of the settings with the Apple tool "iPhone configuration utility" but I think the iPhone has been around long enough and on all networks that they have finally got it right and you don't need to change anything to make it work.

    If that's the case, you need to ask Virgin why it doesn't work ... They may need to do a remote SIM update.

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    Options seem to be somewhat different on mine, probably due to O/S 5.0 as it did change a lot.

    Virgin just say they do not support the iphone!

    For other phones they would send a text to it with the settings for that phone.

    I asked them to enable MMS & an error came up their end saying refer to technical support!

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    I did have it working when I was with Virgin. My issue (in August 2010) was that T-Mobile pushed a carrier update onto the Virgin users which contained the T-Mobile MMS details which caused it to fail (T-Mobile UK v8.0). They then released IOS 4.1 which had this built-in, so I think I held off updating to IOS 4.1. You can see this in Settings > General > About.

    I think your only answer may be this configuration utility (Apple - Support - iPhone - Enterprise) which might let you over-ride the in-built settings.

    Just as a quick test I put my Virgin SIM in and it shows the carrier file as T-Mobile UK 11.0.

    FYI I tried an O2 SIM card in there and the "Cellular Data Network" menu appears (with IOS 5, on iPhone 4) and is as I described above. This is what you would need to get into to change the settings Virgin gave you. So it's blocked by Virgin (or T-Mobile) but still exists.

    When I put the T-Mobile SIM back in the menu vanishes, as if by magic
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    Hi I have an iPhone 4 IOS & I'm on Virgin UK
    I have no mobile web or picture messaging.

    so is there any hope?
    I've been told by virgin I'm locked into a blackberry contract so it will never work
    any help getting it sorted will be much appreciated
    taking a trip to the apple shop tomorrow to see what they say.

    oh yes Virgin want 110 to get out of my contract and go back to a decent service provider
    unfortunately for them I'm going to cut my nose off to spite my face and cancel my Tv/home phone
    and broadband as well so they can shove the lot.
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    I have a work around that worked for me. I couldn't enter the MMS APN settings because the menu is locked by Virgin on my iphone 3gs.
    I put a spare giff gaff sim card in the phone, the menu I needed was now available
    Settings - Network - Cellular data network
    then entered the settings for virgin from this web page filesaveas dot com (can't post a link)
    Once I had entered the settings I took out the giff gaff sim card, put the virgin one back in (that menu was now hidden again) and lo and behold after a restart my phone is on the Virgin network with MMS fully operational!
    I used giff gaff because i had one lying around but you could try one of those 99p sims like O2 or another provider that supports iphone.

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    Default Internet settings for virgin uk iphone users
    Hi Guys

    Am actually a freshman when it comes to iphones but I have an answer to all UK VIRGIN USERS.

    I CAN SETUP UR iPhone TO USE INTERNET ON VIRGIN. charges apply.

    I know how it feels walking around with a dud (iPhone) in your pocket. VIRGIN MOBILE UK DO NOT HAVE THESE SETTINGS.

    email for more infor: [email protected]

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