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Thread: O2 - 3G speeds?

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    Default O2 - 3G speeds?
    I've been using my iPhone on T-Mobile since I had it and have never had a problem but now my contract is coming to an end and I was thinking of going PAYG on O2 as I have a SIM with unlimited data.

    My problem is that I got a colleague to check his 3G speeds on O2 and he was getting 500k on full signal strength - on T-Mobile I was getting 1400+

    Someone else said that reception on O2 3G was flaky and coverage wasn't good.

    Can anyone confirm what speeds they get on O2 (I use the speedtest app from the app store) and what coverage is like?

    I might end up having to renew my T-Mobile account but am paying over 20/month (for Flext35 and W'n'W Plus)
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    I was recently in the UK on a stopover back to the US and my iPhone picked up signal for O2. I did not do a speedtest, but it appeared my connection was about as good or slightly better than I get here in the states. What I get here on 3G ranges greatly but the fastest Ive gotten is about 1,150kb, but usually averages somewhere between 400kb and 700kb.

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    On T-Mo I used to get around 1200 on average - the lowest was about 800. Just tried again and am getting 1500 - 1700 kbs
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    I've only done a couple of speed tests and it comes out at around 1meg. Signal strength isn't bad. I get signal everywhere, but not alwyas 3g signal, and sometimes it drops down to edge. I've found it to be a bit slow sometimes in the evenings though.

    At home i get 3g perfect all the time, where as my GF has just moved from t-mobile to o2, and the main reason for that was cos she couldn't get decent network converage at home, where as now she's on o2 it's perfect like mine.

    I think at the end of the day it all depends on where you live and how far away the nearest transmitter is for each network.

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