ok i am not sure if this has been asked but i haven't found the answers to it. (maybe my searching is bad)
i have an iPhone 3G unlocked with yellowsn0w.
and before the unlock with yellowsn0w, i was on O2-UK pay and go.
3G connection with O2 was great!
but i've noticed that this O2 when i save a picture from safari or email attachments it reduces the quality of the picture.
also on safari when searfing image quality is lost. but when on wifi its good. its just like on PC.
but since having the soft unlock i am using my 3 (Three Hutchison) contract sim which has good 3G signal but not always get 3G data quick or not at all (this issue i have always had with 3. even with their legit handset dont get very good 3G data service). when surfing on 3's 3G data images appear good quality just like on wifi. i wonder if there is some kind of tweak to the iPhones system file to make O2's 3G image quality better?
and another thing is with O2 if there is good 3G signal and go on youtube i get good qulity videos streaming, but with 3's 3G on with good signal strength i always get the crappy youtube videos. but when i use mxtube with 3's 3G its fine just like O2.
i will later on this year will change contract to O2 from 3.
but from 3 i will missed the good image quality surfing and saving. is there a way to fix the youtube problem with 3 network and image quality problem with O2?

i hope i make sense and i hope there is someone else out there who is going or gone through the same problem and has fixed it or looking to fix it. any information is greatly appreciated.