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Thread: Globe Prepaid Blues!!

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    Default Globe Prepaid Blues!!
    Okay guys, I wouldn't post here if I wasn't desperate!!!

    I have an iPhone running 1.1.4, jailbroken and unlocked by Pwnage. I used it in Malaysia (on Digi) with no problems.

    I am now living in the Philippines and using a prepaid Globe simcard. I CANNOT get it to download anything form EDGE or GPRS (which is all we have in our rural backwater).

    I even went to the Globe centre and asked them to set the phone for me, but still no joy.

    I read a post that said you have to set the proxy address and suggested the following method:-
    Begin quote:
    In order to make GPRS to work on prepaid Globe, you do have to changed the proxy address of the access point. Here's how to change the proxy in your iPhone:
    1. Make a new text file and name it "proxy.pac". Make sure it is save as .pac file not as .txt file.
    2. Open the text file (using Notepad) and enter the following lines:

    function FindProxyForURL(url, host)
    if (isInNet(myIpAddress(), "", ""))
    return "PROXY";
    return "DIRECT";

    3. Using iPhoneBrowser program or other means to access your iPhone files, save the file in your iPhone library at: /private/var/root
    4. Using iPhoneBrowser program or other means to access your iPhone files, go to: /private/var/root/Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/ and open the preferences.plist
    5. Copy the content of preferences.plist
    6. Create another new text file in your computer hardware, and name it preferences.plist
    7. Paste the content of preferences.plist to the newly created preferences.plist in your computer. At this time you can choose to save a backup copy of the newly created preferences.plist in your computer.
    8. Open the preferences.plist in your computer and find this command string:
    9. Insert the following NEW command after the Step 8 command string:
    10. Save and close the newly modified preferences.plist
    11. Replace the preferences.plist in your iPhone with the new modified preferences.plist
    12. Set up your iPhone setting to as follows:
    Username: globe
    Password: globe

    Congrats your iPhone can now access the web with Globe Prepaid Sims.

    Shoutout thanks to Shawnie53 of His post was a great help.

    End Quote

    On my 1.1.4 the preferences.plist was in a different directory, but I followed the instructions above with respect to the proxy.pac file and its location. I verified the proxy address. The login and password are sometimes given as globe and globe but more often as blank and blank. I have tried both!!

    Unfortunately my iPhone remains unwilling to believe that the internet exists!!!!

    Please, I have spent 3 weeks of agony on this, can anyone suggest how I might get the system to work?

    (If it is relevant, I have a Globe Visibility usb modem, prepaid and that works just fine - this only make it more frustrating!!!!
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    After scouring numerous philippine iphone support sites before my vacation, I decided on just trying my luck with a SMART SIM upon arrival. Enabling EDGE/GPRS was sooooooo simple! I just sent a text to 3401 with: GPRS ON. Voila!

    No editing of plists or APN info in Preferences whatsoever.

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