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Thread: iphone 3g broke will rogers exange?

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    Default iphone 3g broke will rogers exange?
    i bought an iphone 3g on july 17 and just today the silent switch fell off, weird seing as ive never droped it or throw it arround, the worse would be in my pocket./
    i pwned it a wile ago but then restored back to normal,

    seing how its been only a bit over a month, would rogers exchange the iphone or would i have to send it to apple?

    and if i have to send it to apple, how long to i go for with ought a phone?

    one more thing, what would be the return policy on the iphone?

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    These are the sort of questions only Rogers / Apple could really answer properly
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    call rogers and they will go through a bunch of crap with you and decide your fate... I don't know if they will consider it physical damage ... I understand that it fell off but I dont know if they will see it that way... anyhow they will send you a refurb iphone if it comes down to it.. there is no way to get a new one for anyone and no mater the problem.. I've had people that have got their iphone the day before and the next day they send them a refurb... good luck!

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    I think they would, as long as you didn't physically break crack the screen for example... I just got an iPhone from rogers 3 weeks ago, and i think they service it for a year or something.

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    i called rogers customer support and they told me that i would have to call apple customer care because they have to do this 7 step check before exchanging an iPhone, he said i could give it a try and go to the rogers store, and get them to call apple support and do the check over the phone, then they might exange it for me, but im wondering what this 7 step check is. i previously did pwn my iphone 3g but then restored back to normal, can they find out if ive pwned the phone before or am i safe?

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    Post Rogers in regards to hardware issues...
    I work as an iPhone technical support agent for Rogers. The seven steps to deem a phone defective as mandated by Apple to us are:

    Step 1 - Recharge, drain the battery and give it a full charge.

    Step 2 - Restart, power the phone off and then back on using the sleep wake key and the slide to power off prompt.

    Step 3 - Reset, reset the phone by holding the home key and sleep wake key until the apple logo appears.

    Step 4 - Remove, selectively remove apps, calendars, contacts, music etc that may be causing the odd behavior.

    Step 5 - Reset All Settings, perform a reset of settings through Settings > General > Reset.

    Step 6 - Erase All Content and Settings, perform the erase all content and settings from Settings > General > Reset.

    Step 7 - Restore, perform a restore on iTunes as a new iPhone, not from a back up as this could restore something that was causing the issue in the first place and if you sync regularly you have fresh copies of data from your phone anyways.

    When it comes to having something like the silent ringer switch fall off (it happened to one of our lab iPhones so we know it is possible it was a defect in manufacturing) we ask for the customer to go to a rogers store and have a rep there inspect the phone for other signs of physical damages and if none are present the rep validates the damage as defect and we swap the phone by having the rep call on the customer's behalf to iPhone Technical support. Other odd physical defects can be handled this way as well.

    As for the replacement phone. The phone that is shipped out is referred to as a service model. These phones have never been used before and come fresh from the iPhone plant. These phones do not come with accessories and come as just the phone with a sim in the sim tray. This is simply what apple supplies to Rogers for replacement phones and your warranty is for 1 year and is for a swap. There is no limitation to the amount of swaps that can be processed under the warranty at this time as long as the phone is not cracked, water damaged, or basically abused in any way.

    Issues with accessories, defective wall charger, headset, or usb cable are handled by Apple and not Rogers.

    Issues with software and features missing must be taken up with apple.

    Issues with anything that involve the iTunes store go through apple as well.

    For the iPhone Rogers provides the service to use the hardware as a phone and as a mobile data device but we do not provide content for it in the same manner as the other phones available.

    If you have a Shaw e-mail address and are having difficulties setting it up on Rogers, call Shaw technical support and request a Tier 2 technician and ask about off network access to the mail servers being blocked. On another e-mail note, if you want to set up your e-mail and can not seem to figure it out make sure before calling technical support you know what your e-mail provider is and the necessary settings required to log on to it using a computer because we don't know it ourselves as its not our e-mail system.

    Hopefully this brings to light a little bit about the processes and abilities of Rogers to assist you. And keep in mind if you need to call technical support be courteous because after all you are still talking to another human being, think of how you would want to be treated if you were taking the call and trying to help someone out. Also complaining about the hold time is tedious and redundant, you may hold for 45 min to an hour but we take calls from the time we log in until past the time our shift ends because we usually have 10 or more calls in queue with an average call handle time of 15 min up to 2 hours or more depending on issue, computer hardware the customer uses and the ability for the customer to listen and follow instructions. So remember if your calm, patient, polite and receptive to what we ask you to do, you will have a great customer care experience. I don't know about you but I become very unwilling to help someone if they are being ignorant and rude and talking over me.

    Well I hope to take some really good calls from those of you who have read this post and genuinely need assistance.

    Alex iPhone Technical Support Rep

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    Thanks a very helpful post.

    Thanks Brian.

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    no worries an educated customer is easier to help. Those steps are also available on the apple website.

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