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Thread: iWorld and 1.1.3 - Supported counties

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    Default iWorld and 1.1.3 - Supported counties
    iWorld is not available for 1.1.3 yet, if you are looking to upgrade to 1.1.3 be aware the international support is limited to these counties, even then there is no garantee you Service provider/language is fully supported:

    Hong Kong S.A.R, China
    New Zeland
    South Africa
    U.S Virgin Islands
    United Kingdom
    United States
    French speaking
    German Speaking
    Italian Speaking

    Check the list before you upgrade, to avoid disapointment
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    Wow, Switzerland is supported 3 times! Good for me!

    Still confused though... so you're saying that an 1.1.3 phone should work in the listed counties w/o iWorld? Or that the coming iWorld for 1.1.3 will support them?

    Thanks for clarification.


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    Yep, I'm from India, phone calls work fine on my phone without iWorld. Confirmed!

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    yes if your country is listed above you can set it up to work out of the box. No need for iworld
    And yes some european countries are supported more than once if there are different language populations
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    Switzerland works just fine

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    Well, we'll see soon whether it really works in Switzerland... I just found this article over a iclarified ( which explains how to patch AppSupport under 1.1.3 in order to avoid crashes when dialing a number.

    So I will see whether I need this or not...


    PS. Ok, restored and used ZiPhone 2.3 (under Tiger!) and everything's working fine
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    Luxembourg works fine, HOWEVER,

    you have to choose between either German or French speaking...
    My phone is however set up in English, so it really looks odd to me, when the weather and time are shown in either German or French (depending on the language I chose)...

    Anyone knows a workaround?

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    What about Romania ? Is there a patch ?

    Thanx !

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    There are a couple of patches that you can apply here that will work for nearly everywhere an iPhone would crash when calling. The all around easiest patch is timschuerewegen's AppSupport Patch which will fix any region on iWorld and more. You can download this in installer. Go to the "Sources" then download Bigboss's Beta/Experimental and beta source repository. Once you do this go to the Tweeks (1.1.[34]) depending on which one you have and install timschuerewegen's AppSupport Patch.

    If you would also like to change the language and keyboard settings as well add the source (also known as BiOsS's Mods) and download a package called "*1.1.[34]* International Support" again depending on whether you have 1.1.3 or 1.1.4. There are over 20 different languages/keyboards to choose from.

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