I've had a search around but cant find anything useful on this subject. If there is a thread hiding somewhere, please dont shout...

I've recently bought a 4GB 2G iPhone off eBay and am happily using my (UK) Virgin Mobile PAYG sim card. Calls are fine, basic txts are ok and AFAIK voicemail etc is set up right.

What I cant do is get the phone to connect to the internet via GPRS.
I want to be able to connect to the internet to retrieve picture messages (which I know will be hyperlinks to a website as Mr Jobs is a bit of a bafoon and didnt see mms as a useful tool on the iPhone) and I want to be able to send pictures (which I know has to be via email) if I ever feel the need.

I have tried setting up gmail as the "mail client" but after entering all the details the iphone comes back with "cannot connect with ssl... continue without" Y/N? whether i say yes or no, it doesnt work.

iPhone is jailbroken, unlocked and i think it is version 2 firmware.

Does anyone have any hints, tips, settings or advice on applications to help me sort this out. (preferably step by step )