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Thread: Australian Users, Please Comment on 3G Reception

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    Default Australian Users, Please Comment on 3G Reception
    As the title states please make a comment on your phone reception.

    I have just upgraded to 3G, and am very disappointed with the phone reception (optus) I have had a 1st gen since early September never had an issue with reception. Now its a totally different story, I live 5 Kms out of the CBD and work in the CBD, I use to have full bars both at home & work, now 1 bar at home, have to walk out side to make a call or receive a call so it does not drop, work have "No Service" constantly through out the day. I even have put my wife's sim in my old phone, the 3g next to it, 3g 1 bar ,old phone full bars.

    Updated network settings via itunes with no luck what so ever. If anyone else is suffering this please post as i don't have anyone else as yet to compare these issues. And i know that screaming down the phone at some help desk operator will not solve the problem.

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    G;day m8, I'm having problems too. My experience with Optus has always been good. However, since acquiring the iPhone, I have had nothing but trouble, from constant crashing, to dropped calls, no reception to frozen operating system. After many hours of tech support, which was reasonably kind and very supportive (which is very untypical of optus support), they have eventually told me (after being told to play with all sorts of settings, and waiting for the release of the 2.02 firmware update) my problems are hardware related, and so they cannot help, it is apples responsibility to fix the problem. I want to have the phone replaced, yet am reluctant to return it, as I am visually disabled, and relatively housebound, making me very dependent on my phone for communication with the outside world. After hours of internet searching, I have come to realize that there are countless others in the world experiencing the same problems with their phones which both their carriers tech support, not apples support pages cannot remedy. I will have it replaced tho, I just hope they have fixed the problem......

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    i just jailbroke my iphone 3g 3.0 firmware and my cydia keeps closing why is this? it wont let me install anything? also if it starts to work how do i get wb? do i need 3g reception for cydia to work?

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    Every phone is different. If your old phone has full bars, find its specs online and find out why. Maybe it has a different cell chip, or operates on different frequencies. If you really need coverage that badly, just expect to use the older phone as your main phone and use the iPhone when you're traveling and have service. Its always good for internet access with wifi, and it does other stuff too, besides just making calls. That being said, also make sure you're updated to the newest firmware available, 3.0 (do not get 3.1 if it releases!) Jailbreak it and you're good to go.

    Finally, you might check if your phone is still under warranty from Apple. You can do this by checking their website and entering your serial number. If it is, they'll send you a box or a label so you can send it them.

    EDIT: Just noticed the dates on the messages, please don't bump ancient topics.
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