So I have a first gen iphone that was 1.1.3 ziphoned and recently upgraded to 2.0 using Pwnage Tool.

I was getting the step by step help from - Canada's iPhone Home! and there was a link showing how to change your VPN by going to APN Changer in your iPhone.

Before blocking the VPN I checked to see if I was getting data on my iphone (I don't pay for Data, I usually had Edge Settings off) and there it was - after updating to 2.0 the upgrade automatically set my internet use up. At the time I didn't want to be charged with usage fees so I thought I'd block the VPN but I tested the GPS and whatnot anyways. So after 25MB of use I called fido to see if there was anything on their end showing i had data usage and they said I wasn't being charged. But within the next few hours after that call and getting out of my wireless range I noticed the 'E' EDGE symbol was missing and I was no longer getting internet data usage service.

My Question is, How come the E symbol is missing? Could it have something to do with the 2.0 upgrade/VPN changing back n forth 4-8 times/calling into Fido to ask if data was being used?

Any suggestions will help, I thought I was getting free service and wouldnt have to sign up for the $30/6GB Data plan. Hopefully someone can save the day for ol RelleR!... anyone? .... Bueller?