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Thread: Rogers 3G iPhone Dilemma

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    Default Rogers 3G iPhone Dilemma
    Ok, so i live in Canada and i went to Rogers to buy an iPhone.
    I asked if i was eligible for an upgrade and the Rogers salesperson checked his computer and said that i was, and said that if i upgraded it would cost 250$ for the 8G and 350$ for the 16G...
    But he also said that when i upgrade i MUST add on a 30$ per month on top of my original plan for an EDGE/3G data plan.
    I don't want to add 30$ per month on top of my original plan, because it is too expensive, plus i probably wont be using 3G as much as i will be using Wi-Fi.
    So i asked to sign a waver that would remove the 30$ per month 3G/EDGE data plan....
    So its all good now...
    but then i read the waver and it stated that if my Wi-Fi signal is low, it will automatically drop to the 3G network which will cost me even more money than a monthly plan would....
    So then i asked if there was a setting on the phone that would turn off 3G so that it doesn't connect to 3G at all, so that i don't have to pay for 3G charges.... The Salesperson said that there was no way to turn off the 3G, so there was no way to prevent 3G charges.
    So i went to the model iPhone in front of the store and i went to- Settings>General>Network....And i CLEARLY saw a switch that turns 3G ON and OFF... Apple just trying to screw me over here or if i sign the waver am i doing the right thing..
    Any help is appreciated.
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    Here's what you're forgetting. If 3G is OFF, then it will use the EDGE network. The Rogers rep should have told you that there is NO way to disable EDGE. So he was right in a sense.

    Disable 3G, yes.
    Disable EDGE, no.

    You CAN disable EDGE by jailbreaking the iPhone and installed OpenSSH... then finding a file on your phone for editing. If that's too complicated, get a data plan, or just forget about the iPhone altogether.
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    hey Im sorry I cant help, but can you answer my question? how long have you been with rogers for? longer than a year? Cuz i want an iphone 3g but i havent been with rogers for a year yet
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    Just call Rogers and tell them to block all data on your account. They have to do it for both and the new iPhone APN.

    There're some threads about this on HowardForums (under Rogers -> iPhone subform) about this.

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    some CSR's claim they cant disable data at their end, but trust me, they can!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GR81 View Post
    some CSR's claim they cant disable data at their end, but trust me, they can!
    Um.. I work for Rogers and trust me, they can't.
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    I work for rogers as well, and I have spoken with customers that have the data blocked and tried testing out the internet while not on wi-fi and ended up getting billed. With the iPhone there is no data credits either unless it involves a csr making a mistake on the effective date on a data plan and even that can be interesting to get credit for.
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