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Thread: Rogers iPhone Problem

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    Angry Rogers iPhone Problem
    I have had the hardest time getting an iphone in Canada on rogers because of various unreasonable reasons that rogers uses as excuses to not sell the iphone to people.Since my current plan for my first gen iphone is a corporate plan, to upgrade to the 3g iphone it would cost me 500 dollars. I told they guy that is more than the phone actually costs since when i bought the first one without a plan it cost me 400. They guy then tried to explain to me that when newer technologies come in, they cost more than the original, which is completely false. i tried to explain that to him by using the example of the xbox and the 360 being that the xbox cost 450ish at release date while the 360 was introduced at 300-400 dollars. Then he told me that i could make a new account so i would get the iphone at 299 for 16 gb but of course, but im not 18 yet so i cant get a new contract. They said i needed to be 18 since they need to check my credit and stuff and that i cant have a cosigner that is over 18. i really couldn't believe this since i recently leased a car, which is way more expensive than an iphone, and i only needed a cosigner since im under 18. Anyways, after multiple attempts of trying to get rogers to sell me an iphone at the retail price and not some black market rip off price (which is probably not sanctioned by apple), i have decided to switch to fido since i have had more than enough with rogers wireless' bulls**t. Eventhough they are the same company, fido will let me get an iphone 3g since its a new contract completely and my parents dont have accounts their. Im sure that i am not the only one that has had problems with rogers and getting an iphone. I would like to know your stories of being rejected by rogers, time after time, when trying to buy an iphone 3g or any other problems you had. To conclude, i find that apple should really look over the whole process of selling the iphone since i cant understand how it can be this hard to get this phone while the first was so easy.

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    wow i want a 3g but i dont know how im gonna get it now. Can you send me a message that tells me like if u canceled your current plan and how you got your new iphone cuz i pretty much have the exact same situation with the regular plan with rogers and now im lookin for a 3g. like how long have you been with rogers and how much cancelation fees were.

    - anyways my friend ordred a 3g 2 weeks ago from rogers
    - it came in quickly - ROGERS SOLD IT TO ANOTHER CUSTOMER!
    - ordered it again - rogers cancels order without letting my friend know so he calls in and is like "WTF" and orders another one
    - same thing happens again - rogers cancels the order w/o telling him
    - finally gets his iphone 3g on 4th order.

    man, i wish i could just go to rogers and get my mom to pay for the iphone with her credit card and then i could set up my plan at home. that's sort of how i got my origional iphone. except i unlocked it not activate with a plan
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    I basically just switched to fido since its the same company now so there were no cancelation fees and it was really easy to switch. same phone number and everything. i find that this was a really easy solution since in the end fido has better plans with the evenings starting at 7 instead of 9. from my experience if you have been with rogers for more than a year then just switch to fido and its going to be really simple.

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    rogers is homo but it really depends on the rep..

    i got ma 16g for 299(with a new account ofcourse)


    first month is free
    first 2 month is unlimited call
    free cd/cw
    free after 6/wkend

    after 6 month i can go back 2 my old retention plan which is
    1000 LD min
    500day min
    free after 6/wkend

    for 20 dollarssss woot

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    Apple sets the price points for new activations, they leave hardware upgrade prices to the service providers. I am a rogers tech agent and still had to pay $284 for my iPhone, I wanted the phone so I paid the price.
    Alex, Rogers iPhone Technical Support Rep

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