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    Default Japanese Iphone
    Hi people

    I wasn't sure which forum to post in, so please excuse me if I made a bad choice.

    I'm a total noob regarding Mac and iPods, so I hope somebody will take the time to bare with me m(__ __)m

    I'm waiting for my white iPhone from the secondary batch here in Tokyo. The stores are dry, but if you ask nicely enough in polite japanese while bowing profusely, they give you a form to fill in and then call you a day before they get some more iphone from Softbank's HQ.

    The deal here is about USD85 for a full web access, including the iPhone price over a 24 (26?) Months contract.

    For some reason, the Touch didn't have a huge impact on me a while back, probably because wi-fi hotspots are like urban legends in tokyo... there should be some, but nobody knows where. We used to have some at Starburcks, but (no flamming intended) american residents would stay 4-5 hours there, leeching on the free connection while barely drinking anything past the first Small coffee-of-the-day, so the chain stopped the service nation-wide. Good job.

    Anyways, a couple weeks ago, my best japanese friend showed me her iphone, and told me she had been waiting 2 years to get one, and now she hadn't slept in 4 days, toying with her day and night. Since then, everywhere I go I'm finding myself sitting next to a iPhone owner, happily smiling my way while caressing his iPhone in public There SHOULDN'T be so many of them around, but I guess I'm attracting them.

    Being new to this, I find myself a bit confused about this jailbreak thingy...
    here in Japan, we only have one provider available, Softbank, former Vodafone. So I guess, in that aspect, jailbreaking is useless, right?
    What I'm worried about is whether I'll be able to use Skype Out (or similar services) and to tether my iPhone to my laptop without jailbreaking.

    What exactly do you LOSE when you jailbreak, and is it possible to restore the default settings on a Japanese iphone?


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    Jailbreak will get you access to applications and modifications not approved by Apple. It won't SIM unlock your iPhone 3G at this point, and not really relevant unless you want to bring a non-Softbank iPhone to Japan and use that.

    Softbank won't let you tether your phone (they have never allowed this except with a non-flat rate modem option with gets expensive REALLY fast). Currently there is no Skype client for the iPhone, but I don't think Softbank would block it if it existed.

    Not sure if you noticed, but iPhones are apparently easy to get now in any major electronic shop or Softbank shop. Good luck.

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    Hi and thanks for your reply!

    I got a white 16GB 2 weeks ago and am enjoying it thanks to the 50 bucks a month unlimited web access plan Softbank is giving us in Japan!

    I was talking with a guy from SoftBank and he said that some korean customer hacked one of their former phone, not sure about the brand, and tethered it to his laptop for a day... they called him the next morning, asking him to stop cause he had already used up 10.000 bucks worth of packets !!!! ten thousands dollars!!! OMG... so no netshare for me.

    Skype out through IM+ or Jajah are both okay for international calls... they're giving me a 20 US cents flat rate a minute, much like my local calls through Softbank. Truphone is 3 times cheaper, BUT their interface still reeks of bad beta release, and is still not recognizing the 3G network here (try and find a free wifi spot in Tokyo....)

    I'm still thinking about JBing, but I'm reading so many bad reviews and cries for help about people loosing their network connection and stuff, and Japanese bloggers are probably waiting for a Go/no-Go from americans to launch the JB wave, so local blogs ain't helping. At the moment, I just want to try out that startrek mod I'm seeing on youtube, and I'd LOVE to have some video recording option... and copy/paste lol.

    thanks for the input, I appreciate it a lot, it's getting hard to get an answer on the web when you smell like a noob

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    If you still want to jailbreak it, you can use a software called WinPWN to jailbreak, and you can also change your Boot Logo and choose to install Installer and/or Cydia to install the 3rd party apps not approved by Apple.
    You can use an app called Fring on your iPhone to use Skype. It's not working woth FirmWare 2.0 or 3G iPhones yet, but it'll be availible soon.

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