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Thread: Can Iphone work for Verizon

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    Default Can Iphone work for Verizon
    I have a verizon razr (which obviously means my carrier is verizon wireless) and i live in MA (if that matters) and im on a 2 year family plan which is only halfway up, so i am not yet due for a new phone. I really want an Iphone cause, idk they're so cool and i have a crap load of music which would overflow an 8gb iphone but i wont put all my music on it only the good stuff. but anyway I wanted to know if there is anyway that i can make my Iphone work for verizon without doing something illegal or actually opening the device (i.e. needing a screw driver and tweezers to mess with it). i was looking at Iphone sim free but i dont really understand it. im not really tech savy so if someone could please help me in english (not nerd language) that would be greatly appreciated, or you can email me at [email protected]

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    does your razr have a sim card?
    im pretty sure verizon, metropcs, ect dont use sim cards.
    they install software on the phone itself.

    so no, it wont work. atleast not right now. or ever.
    you can thank verizon for turning down the deal with apple for that one

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    ****! thats what i thot but i was hoping that wasnt true lol. I know i cannot believe verizon turned down the iphone they are so retarted. so my only choice is to switch to AT&T? dam... well thanks for the help

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    I am both ATT and Verizon customer. I agree, I wish Verizon got the contract too. But you know verizon and their vzw and get it now crap. They wanted to control the interface so apple walked away.
    But just the other day verizon announced that we will be able to use any cdma phone on their network as soon as last quarter 2008. So what that means is, all those very cool, feature packed phones that are only distributed in europe and asia, will be available here in the US and will activate on verizon and have no verizon interface, software etc.. That is fact. What is rumor though, is that we will see a cdma model of the iphone during mid 2009 when the exclusive with ATT expires. Whatever the reason, it is a great plus for verizon customers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pmas View Post
    I am both ATT and Verizon customer.
    Me Too.
    Quote Originally Posted by pmas View Post
    I agree, I wish Verizon got the contract too.
    Why do you wish Verizon hopped on the iPhone? After being with Verizon for years and years, I've grown to like them, excluding the past year or two. Once Verizon started putting the same software on ALL their phones, I knew Verizon would turn to crap....which it did.

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    I dont know if this is entirely true.... Doesnt the Verizon World phone have a sim card in it? which will allow you to unlock the iphone and in turn let you use it on verizon?

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    Ok guys, Ill explain it for everyone, there are two major types of mobile technologies in the US and the rest of the world. CDMA and GSM, GSM is used most of the world over which is why Apple chose it, CDMA is used largely in the US and some asian countries. Verizon, Sprint, Metro PCS, Alltel, US cellular are all using the CDMA technology, and will never work with the iPhone. Its not because the carrier is locked its because CDMA and GSM communicate differently from the tower(base station) to the handset(mobile phone) GSM uses Time Division Multi Access, while CDMA used Code Division, to talk to the phone.

    So basically Verizon and Sprint speak Spanish and ATT and T-Mobile speak English, it doesn't have anything to do with frequencies. In fact all the US carriers use the same two frequencies 850 and 1900. Of course im not covering quite a bit of other information and details which I can go into detail if anyone wants to know but I just wanted to educate people so they know why it cant work.

    As for Verizon and Sprint having blackberrys with Sim Cards for World Phone editions: the phones have both GSM and CDMA radios in it, because unlike ATT or tmobile you leave the US you dont have any providers to give you service overseas. Therefore Verizon and Sprint have phones that will do both GSM and CDMA so you can use your phone in more then the just the US
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    Default schwartzki, more info
    I thought the only difference in cdma and gsm is the programming of the encryption software that makes cdma and gsm operate differently, so couldn't someone reprogram the iphone communication software or baseband I think is the correct word, idk, and allow it to communicate with a cdma tower and vise versa?
    If im wrong then that means you would need to rechip the iphone, which wouldn't be nearly worth it.

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    The iPhone would have to be rechiped!

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    Verizon sucks so hard. I hope they never get the iphone working.

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