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Thread: Unlocking iPhone for use with Fido (Canada)

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    Default Unlocking iPhone for use with Fido (Canada)
    Hey guys,

    I am just looking for some validation so that I know I am doing things properly before I pick up an iPhone for use in Canada.

    First off, I am currently with Fido and I want to stay with Fido.
    Second, I am planning on using PwnageTool to unlock my iPhone.
    (I realize that there are lots of options out there, but I have decided PwnageTool is the safest/easiest bet)

    That being the case, here is what I understand must be done to make it work correctly:

    1. Purchase an iPhone
    2. Change the SIM card
    3. Use PwnageTool to unlock the phone
    4. Use my iPhone

    I recognize that this list is somewhat "dumbed down", but is it correct? is this the proper way to unlock an iPhone for use on Fido???

    Thanks guys,


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    1. Purchase an iPhone
    2. Change the SIM card
    3. Use PwnageTool to unlock the phone
    4. Use iTunes and RESTORE to the new custom firmware file that PwnageTool created.
    5. Use my iPhone

    That's basically the order of things to do.

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    Thanks man. Much appreciated!

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    Let us know how the Pwning goes for you! Damn I wish I had a Mac available to me right now...

    BTW Fishguy - If you don't intend to use the phone with EDGE, I would call Fido and tell them to disable edge on your account. On my iPhone the edge would not connect without me filling in the edge username / password, but some people report to have been charged without having the information filled in... and they got charged a lot!

    BTW #2 - Not that I'm saying you shouldn't get an iPhone right now, but rumors suggest that a 3G iPhone is coming VERY soon... probably sometime within the next couple of months... but possibly within weeks even. Maybe with the official release of the 2.0 (1.2?) firmware? I used edge on my iPhone for a little while, and it's a big disappointment. The 3G on my dads N95 kicks a$$ in comparison. Just my opinion... but I think if you don't already have an iPhone at this point, you might as well wait for the 3G model. Plus, if you go spend 499 on a 16 GB edge model now, and a 3G comes out next month, your phone is gonna be worth about half what you paid for it!
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    Thanks ASar08,

    I've been reading alot of rumours about the upcoming 3G iPhone as well, and if things go as they have been we won't be seeing them in Canada anytime soon.

    > If that is the case I may or may not upgrade... we will wait and see what Fido has for 3G data plans then.

    If the iPhone does finally come to Canada there will still be a market for the old model iPhones... especially if they come cheap and especially if Rogers/Fido offer an unlimited data plan.

    We'll just have to wait and see

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    So I got my iPhone tonight and I unlocked it and got it working.

    I did run into a bit of a problem pwning the phone to begin with...

    As it turns out, I just needed to install the 1.1.4 firmware on the phone before running the PwnageTool.

    Otherwise all is good. I have already had Fido turn off my internet access, so I shouldn't have to worry about that for now.

    Thanks for all the help guys!

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    Okay i got a question

    When you used the pwnage tool to pwn your iphone, was it unlocked after? did you have to use anySIM or any other app?
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    I DID NOT have to use anything other than PwnageTool.

    I swapped out the AT&T SIM for my own Fido SIM,
    Set the phone in restore mode,
    Plugged it in,
    Started Pwnage Tool and followed the simple directions,
    And before I knew it, I was done.

    I wuv my iPhone.

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