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Thread: Windows Emulation

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    Default Windows Emulation
    I need to emulate windows, perferably XP, on my 1.25 G4 mac mini.
    Running 10.4.11 with 512 MB ram.

    Wife is a teacher and her school district is so backwards that the IT people can't even write a website that will work with safari. Hell, she calls for support and the guy comes and looks at the computers and shrugs. I usually come out to her classroom to fix it.

    She just needs to be able to surf internet to answer emails on their ***** backwards site and put in her students grades running 1program that connects to put in the grades. No other stuff would be installed.

    Is there a solution to this? I tried Q(I think that was the name) but it did not work. It would be nice to have a new intel mac but wallet says no!

    So I was looking for and emulation solution that would work.

    Any suggestions please.

    Many thanks.

    found Virtual PC7 and will see how it works.

    any one had any experience with VPC7?

    found Virtual PC7 and will see how it works.

    any one had any experience with VPC7?
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    Virtual Machines

    Those are the best 3 window emulation i know of

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    paralles or vmware fusion

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    Parallels your best bet
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