– it’s a service that helps you not to waste a time on excess actions. Including on reading of promotional speeches. Therefore, we present to you our project in the form of bare facts.

What does?
It recognizes your speech to text and sends it further as SMS/e-mail/web-service entry/reminder – depending on your chosen goal.

For whom?
For owners of Symbian/Windows Mobile/iPhone OS/Android mobile phones, that speak english/german/russian.

How it works?
Run, choose the goal (send sms / e-mail / web-service entry, set a reminder) and the recipient, dictate the text while recording screen appears and click “Send” button. That’s all that needs from user: then voice recording will be sent to the server, processed and the final text will be delivered to the appointment on your behalf.
Application is carrying the log of actions, which automatically displays all submitted entries, their status and recognition result.

What are the benefits?
- Saving the time: to pronounce the words is much faster than type them on the keyboard of mobile phone.
- A unique opportunity of voice recording: as a result of recognition you get not only a text, but also a link to listen to the original recording of your speech.
- Quick and easy access to web-services: Twitter, Basecamp, Evernote, LiveJournal, RTM, Google Calendar. A list of web-services expands.
- It is simply convenient.

What do you need to start?
- Install the app on your mobile. is available for iPhone OS and Symbian, also there are test versions for Android and Windows Mobile. Within 6 months is planned out the application for Blackberry.
- Register an account on your phone number.
- Add your mailboxes and web-services accounts: only your username and password are required.

How to get details?
Blog: blog
Demo video: [ame=]YouTube - Tour[/ame]
Ask a question:!

You are welcome!