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Thread: iPad Netflix app ported to iphone?

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    Default iPad Netflix app ported to iphone?
    Would it be possible to port the ipad netflix app to the iphone? maybe use 3g unrestricted to let it work over 3g? thoughts?
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    I managed to get the iPad version installed on my 3G. I'm not a developer or really know much about coding iPhone apps so the farthest I could get was the red Netflix splash screen. After that the program would crash and go back to the springboard. I managed the install by pointing safari on my iPhone to the Netflix.IPA file on my computer (downloaded from iTunes). From there I had to use ********** to install it, but only the "dirty" method (I guess it's called "native installation" in the newest version) completed the installation.

    Like I said, I'm hardly a developer when it comes to these things. I rely mostly on dumb luck when it comes to this stuff. If my little experiment helps to further the cause then it was worth it.

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    Default Success
    Finally managed to get Netflix working on my iPhone, It's not bug-free but it works well enough. Obviously you need a jailbroken iPhone (will try on iPod 2G later this weekend) for this to work.

    1. Download the iPad netflix app from iTunes store (it's free)

    2. When the download is complete, go to the folder where iTunes keeps the app files. Extract Netflix.ipa somewhere on your hard drive (I prefer the desktop since it's easily accessible). I used winrar.

    3. You are looking for the info.plist file. It's in the Payload folder and the folder (if you're using windows). Those of you using a mac need to right click on the Netflix package and click "show package contents"

    4. Using your plist editor of choice (I used plist editor for windows) open info.plist and look for every occurrence of the OS version number. The values you need to change are under DTPlatformVersion and MinimumOSVersion. Change them to the version of your iphone OS. Mine is 3.1.2

    5. Save the changes and close the editor.

    6. Use winSCP (or cyberduck on Mac) to SSH into your device. Place the folder (or package on mac) into /private/var/stash/Applications.

    7. Right click the new folder you transferred and make sure the permissions are set to 755 and check the "recursive" option. Click ok.

    8. Make sure that in private/var/mobile/ there is a folder called Documents (make sure you use a capital D). If not then go ahead and make one. Right click on the new (or existing) Documents folder and set the permissions to 755. Don't forget to check the recursive option.

    9. Turn your phone off and then back on again. If everything went according to plan you should be sporting the Netflix app icon on your springboard.

    So far I have been able to log in, browse movies, and watch with limited problems. I was able to watch a few 30-minute episodes without any problems. The problems I have encountered I think are related to available memory. Rarely it has fast-forwarded video while audio stays constant, and very rarely it crashes altogether. Oh and before I forget to mention it, you can watch movies over 3G however the video quality is slightly compromised (but still watchable). I have not tried 3G unrestrictor with it yet.

    The only real concern I have is that it's a real battery hog, probably because of the constant network traffic. Maybe the performance is better on the 3GS. All i know is I started with 100% battery and after an hour of viewing and browsing I was down to 60%. Definitely something to keep in mind.

    It's a hackjob, for sure, but it works well enough for a quick movie on the go. Enjoy!

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    Works pretty darn good on my 3G with OS 4 Beta 4 - Screen size is off just a bit but I'm not complaining - Thanks for the info

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    I don't suppose anyone knows where I might find the ipa somewhere other than the itunes store? I'm now in the US, but my account is still a UK one, so no netflix there

    (Alternatively, perhaps some generous kindly sole could PM me?)

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    Any one else had any luck with this? Does anyone know when or if they are going to release a version for the iPhone 4

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