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Thread: iPhone Tunnel GUI v1.0

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    Default iPhone Tunnel GUI v1.0
    I had some free time a little while or so and decided to continue learning C#. I find myself using the original iPhone Tunnel console app quite a bit, and found it cumbersome having a bunch of different shortcuts (for different ports - I had to cmd -> navigate to the app -> run it, for each port); that's what spawned this little app. Keep in mind Im still kind of new to C# so this may still have a couple bugs, but Ive checked for as many as I can think of.

    By the way, if you feel this is useful, and wish to repost to another forum, please do so! So long as my name stays attached to it, I dont mind where it is reposted. However, you MAY NOT use my source for anything commercial - Im fine with using it in one of your side projects, or as a way to learn (though Im not sure why youd use my code) - but you cannot make money with my code (unless I get a cut , then we can talk)

    So without further ado:

    iPhone Tunnel GUI

    "iPhone Tunnel GUI" provides a simple GUI for a console application that I feel everyone should use. The original console application (aswell as this GUI) allows you to tunnel any TCP port over the USB cable, so you can VNC, SSH, use a proxy, etc, without the need for a WiFi connection. The GUI comes with a preloaded list of some common ports you may want to tunnel:
    - FTP (21)
    - SSH (22)
    - HTTP (80)
    - SOCKS (1080)
    - VNC (5900)

    It also gives you the option to fill in custom ports, in case you want a service that isnt preloaded, or in case youre running a server on a service port, and need to connect to the phone on said port. It has a status indicator, start and stop buttons, and a text box that shows the console output, or in the case of an error, helpful advice.




    *Usage Instructions*
    To set up this application, extract the "iPhone Tunnel GUI v1.0.rar" archive somewhere. Copy the iTunesMobileDevice.dll from your "\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin" folder to the location that you extracted the iPhone Tunnel archive. Finally, run the "iPhone Tunnel GUI.exe" file; if you see the GUI, youve set it up right!

    To use this application, either select a port from the dropdown list, or enter a custom port, and click Start. That's it! To connect to the phone, enter "" as the address in the program you are using, and for the port, enter the port number if you used a preset port, or the "Local" port, if you selected a custom one.


    *iphone_tunnel_modded.exe Information*
    I only wrote the GUI, not the underlying application - "iphone_tunnel". - that was developed by Nicolas Economou - original download - original documentation
    However, when I first started writing the GUI, I could not redirect text to the GUI's text box, I could only redirect error text. This lead to two modifications of the original source, at lines 149 and 155, by KeeperOfTheSoul on ##csharp on, which can be found in the attached modified source (and which were compiled with the Borland C compiler, into the file "iphone_tunnel_modded.exe"). After his modifications, the GUI could now redirect the output from the console application. This meant I could continue with the GUI, so many thanks go to him!


    *iTunesMobileDevice.dll Information*
    Im not sure what the legality of distributing this file is, so Im not going to post it. However, you can find it in your "\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin" folder.


    *Troubleshooting & Improvements*
    I tried to catch as many errors as I could and provide help when they occur. However, if you are stuck, or you dont understand the error, please post the textbox output here, aswell as a description of what happened, and any servers you are running, and I will try to help you with it Also, if you have any suggestions to improve the program, or features you would like to see (please remember this is only a GUI for the console app, I dont want it to turn into some kind of toolbox with a ton of other prepackaged applications), and if they are reasonable (and doable), I will see what I can do!


    *THE END!*

    File List:
    Filename | MD5 Hash
    iPhone Tunnel GUI v1.0.rar | D31229E58CB17939342D7ED5E957B81F
    iPhone Tunnel GUI v1.0 Sourcecode.rar | 4049F432CFC0F4E7F5F235629DC83162
    iphone_tunnel_modded Source.rar | 7FD31842B71BE16680D80F174A33F1BD
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