Ok, I know this isn't exactly a modding question, or even related to recent software, but i figured there were enough people here that might have a clue what to do so I might as well ask. I recently found my old iBook sitting in a box somewhere and took it out to give it to a friend. Problem is, it doesn't seem to recognize any of the passwords I originally put on there and since there is a master password, I have no way of altering that either. I know how to get into the singleuser shell command screen from startup, but beyond that point i am completely lost. I believe the operating system on this is the original OSX, but beyond that I have no specs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Also, since my internet connectivity is limited do to my location, I will only be able to look at posts and replies via email. If there is anything that you find that could help, please feel free to post it here instead of linking or email it to me. Thanks again.