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Thread: iPhone PC Suite Eng v0.2.1

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    Is it possible to change the language on the program somehow!?

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    used to use the early version of pc suite eng. but the new version is really amazing. there isny anything it cant do. made my work of syncing music, videos and photos so much easier. i can just copy paste any music file, make any playlist right in this program without opening itunes. the task of putting ringtones and UI sounds is like a breeze now.

    Really really amazing. kudos & respect to the developers.

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    How do I uninstall this? I can only get it working after restarting my ipod touch 3 times, every time I try. It disables itunes...

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    this software is not even opening in my computer... i have a x64 vista ultimate... when i unzip and try opening the pc suit exe file it closes and searches for possible solutions... i tried to adjust the compatibility options to run it as in xp... but no luck... please help..

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    Any1 has the english version for this?

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    Also, I have to restart my Ipod touch a certain way 2 times for it to show up fine, there MUST be a way to uninstall it, it would be crazy not to include a way.

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    Hey guys I was wondering how to use the ebook reader on this thing I have been looking around for the panda ebook reader it wants you to use but I have only found a chinese version. can you guys help me? thanks

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    This is one helluva awesum program!!
    Thanks a million melete and Big Respect mate!!

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    all i can get is this. the original Background appears for a second and than goes away.

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    i inserted a picture but it does not show
    it is here anyway if someone interested:
    Photo: PC Suite | PC Suite album | McGeee |

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    Hi All: THANKS Melete for such a cool program. It's awesome.
    Last edited by wildting; 2008-06-22 at 07:45 PM.

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    actually i have had bad experiences with this software. initially when i started off using this it was great. but after usages, it has either crashed my iphone or screwed up my data in it. I synced my contacts with it and that resulted in me having to restore my iphone. for copying music screws up the original playlist and doesnt sync the album covers.

    in all i would advice to use PC suite very sparingly.

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    cn sum1 tell me whre i cn find Ziphone ibrickr fix ??
    i already added to source....

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    i was wondering how you put vwallpapers on to the iphone/ ipod touch with this program.
    I am unable to put an aquarium vwallpaper on to my ipod with this program. Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Please, somebody tell me how the hell you reverse the changes?
    App Support and calldata.db show as "cracked data" to iphone PC suite, so I think that's what it replaced. Can anyone upload 1.1.3 of those files?
    Last edited by Naka123; 2008-07-14 at 04:57 PM.

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    I'm currently using firmware 1.1.2 jailbroken with ziphone, will I need to install Ibrickerfix before using the program?

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    Does anyone know when this will be getting ported to 2.0 (if it is at all)

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    Anyone get this to work with 2.0 on 1st gen iphone? It looks like it works but doesnt do anything ie transfer files across.

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    can i ask sth?
    i did a backup of my ipod with iphone pc suite.everything went ok.
    now i restored the backup and i cannot see my apps but they do show in installer?any help maybe ????plz??

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    Can anyone help?

    On a winpwn 2.01 2G phone, trying to set permissons however, whenever I right clikc and go on properties it says fail to load properties!

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