Ok, I've done searching on this and the only answers I find are from at least a year ago. I have a new 3g Iphone, I also have a Macbrook Pro running Leopard. I am wondering why in the hell my Macbook won't recognize my Iphone and why my iphone won't recognize my Mac. I haven't jailbroken my 3g yet. Is there an app that will allow me to do this once I jailbreak? Is there a shortcut I'm missing or is this Apple's great decision of making a worthless bluetooth built into this device.

I have to say, I'm pretty upset that theres still no default MMS capability, you can't sync bluetoth Headphones to it. The 3g network really sucks on the new iphone and now I can't even sync it with my laptop? Someone help me here. I think I may fall off the Apple bandwagon.