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Thread: iPhone Wireless Sync App (wiSync) Development Thread

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    Default iPhone Wireless Sync App (wiSync) Development Thread
    Update (12/17/2007) wiSync v1.0 Released - includes an iPhone native app:

    Official Page -

    We are proud to release wiSync v1.0, the result of 2 weeks of continuous work and refinement by the iFrancis team. This version runs completely from the GUI, no terminal windows as promised, and for the first time, we have included a native app - wiToggle - that allows you to control the app's behaviour from the iPhone, it allows you to force synchronize whenever you want - directly from the iPhone!

    Remember to enable Remote Login in your Mac Sharing Preferences, otherwise this app will not work. If your iPhone/iPod Touch does not restart after installation is complete, then you must enable Remote Login and then re-install.

    Download for MMi Members
    wiSync Public Mirror

    I'd like to give special thanks to jjgsxr883, mbranes and iphonejeff for making this whole development process so much easier and so much more fun, I owe you one guys..

    And of course, thanks to cash and poetic_folly for their support - you guys have been wonderful!

    Update (07/12/2007) Final Beta Version Released:

    Fantastic news! The final beta version of wiSync has been released. This release is guaranteed to work on all macs. The method by which the app calls the GUI has had a major overhaul and this means that the app will now "just work" for everyone. No need to set it to run in terminal or anything, and no more problems involving text not appearing in the text fields.

    The best news, however, is that this is the final version of wiSync that uses a GUI maker, we have a new c++ coder on board. The next release will have its own Cocoa GUI, everything will run from within the GUI so no more annoying terminal windows, and you will only have to enter a password once.

    More importantly, however, is that we are now in active development of wifi calendar and contacts synchronization, and this makes itunes synchronization that much closer to mass availability. Additionally, the new app will enable 'true' automatic sync, any time you make a change to the sync dir, your iPod/iPhone will be updated, and vice versa. Also, the new app will have an iTunes-like interface for simplicity, and when iTunes support is enabled, you will be able to see your sync dir and your playlists within the app.

    And for those of you who are windows users, you can rejoice, because we will finally have windows support in the next 2 weeks. Those of you who use linux, support for your OS will come even sooner than that!

    Bear with us though, but the app will be out of beta by then, and it will have its official launch right here at ModMyI! Obviously because of trademark issues, we needed to change the name of the app to something less provocative. wiSync is the new name then

    Thanks for all your support, your community has been extremely supportive, and I'd especially like to thank the guys over at the MMi IRC channel - cash, mbranes, dictionary and iphone-jeff in particular, for giving me a lot to laugh at during the last few days - couldn't have done it without you guys

    And special thanks to Poetic_folly and cash for letting us launch the app right here at MMi!

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    Thanks. But cannot download isync the download link is not working.

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    I have just released version 0.65 with major GUI improvements, which is why the link wasn't working.

    This is the new link and it is also up on the website now:

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    Thanks francisois i will's cool Wireless Sync via wi-fi....keep it up bro....

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    I downloaded the 0.65 package, installed it ("upgrade" from 0.6), set Toggle and iSync to open in Terminal, but when I launch either one, I get the same GUI I saw in the previous version -- rather than the one you attached as a screen shot earlier in this thread.

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    aha there we go, I knew there was something weird about the package installer. Just delete your old iSync dir in Applications and install again

    thanks for the heads-up, gonna fix this right now

    fixed, please download 0.65 again
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    does this work with windows yet?

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    Finally, v0.7 is out and it includes, due to requests by many users, for the first time, a native iPhone app that allows you to switch automatic sync on and off!
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    woo whoo! thanks to me!!

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    can't install!

    Terminal Warning says "remote host identification has changed" ... "host key verification failed"

    what does that mean? or rather... what do i do????

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    brujja check your pm

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    wiSync v1.0 has finally been officially launched, right here at MMi!

    Download for MMi Members Only
    wiSync Public Mirror
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    I installed WiSync on my Mac and it won't open.I had Remote Login on and everything.Also do I need to put any other files then WiToggle on my phone because when I it the screen just goes black.

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    I installed on my g5 10.5.1, and ran it... the bar goes across and nothing happens. no errors. no messages... just takes it's time. -- with free itunes under the puppy!
    If I help you out, please press THANKS!

    3g QuickPWN'ed with 2.1

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    jakecigar: That's exactly what its supposed to do. Look in your iPhone and you will find an app called wiToggle. If you don't, email me at yousef{at}ifrancis{dot}net and I will help you out.

    nyzonthane: please give me more information about your mac, pm me on the board or email me at yousef{at}ifrancis{dot}net and ill help you out. And to answer your question, you do not need to copy any files over manually, you need to run wiSync on your Mac (10.4+) and it will do everything for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by loujob View Post
    does this work with windows yet?

    I second that

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    Im assuming this dosent work with Windows?

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    Ok, as much as I enjoy discussing the intricacies of wiSync development, theres one aspect that is not as easy to discuss, so I'll do this for the last time.

    Porting this app to the windows platform from a unix/linux platform is a much more 'involved' process than you could imagine. First thing to point out is the major difference of the absence of a shell on windows, and before anyone says that its possible to get an ssh server running on windows, and while this is absolutely true, 90% of the scripts will simply not work, and require a lot of effort to port to the windows command line interface. Second, there are a lot of utilites that are not available on windows by default such as command-line scp, rsync and ssh (winscp and putty are not the same - they are separate apps and are not incorporated into the windows 'shell'. These utilities are essential, without them, users would have to manually install/copy everything from the putty command line, negating the need for a GUI in the first place, as this is already possible with the right tools.

    There are a lot of windows developers out there, the iFrancis team has 1 windows dev and we are definitely looking for more, windows support is one of our highest priorities, but unfortunately, its not a task that can be done quickly by one person, please, if you are a windows developer familiar with .NET, your help would be extremely appreciated.

    For now, active Mac/Linux development is guaranteed, and you should be seeing an update with usability enhancements to wiSync within the next 2 days.

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    after a few problems... It runs.. but the app's shell script doesn't exit! it just hangs at the end.

    PS I like the idea of a short shell script in the app! -- with free itunes under the puppy!
    If I help you out, please press THANKS!

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    jakecigar, this issue was pointed out to me and was fixed in 1.01, which you can find at:

    wiSync 1.01

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