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Thread: iDataBackup 1.0.0 - Export your sms messages to PC

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    Lightbulb iDataBackup 1.0.0 - Export your sms messages to PC
    iDataBackup lets you browse and export the sms messages on your iPhone to a text file on the PC.

    System requirements:
    PC with .Net runtime 2.0+ installed
    iTunes installed

    File has been uploaded to download section.

    For now, it does have some bugs but in general it runs fine. Have fun!

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    Approved. Very cool program.

    Though I can't view any texts in the program, I get an error every time. I can, however, export the log (which looks very nice).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dash-2 View Post
    Approved. Very cool program.

    Though I can't view any texts in the program, I get an error every time. I can, however, export the log (which looks very nice).
    It runs very well with my iPhone (fw 1.0.2) and all the PCs I have tested but I dont have another phone to test with. Could you tell me what kind of error you got?

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    it keeps crashing on me as soon as i opent eh program on vista

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    this bug fill be fixed in the next release and some more features will be implemented if enough interest is shown.

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    I tend to keep all of my SMS messages if possible. I have even resorted to typing them all out manually. I've been searching for hours on the internet for a program like this and it sounds great. Although it isn't working for me.. I am running Windows Vista with iPhone firmware 1.1.2. When I open the application I receive an error that states "Unable to locate SMS archive on iPhone. Exit now." What can I do to fix this because my phone is not full of texts and I cannot receive new texts until threads are deleted. I would rather not have to go through and type the threads on my phone if possible. Thanks for your help. I wish I was a good programmer.

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    I'm not sure what was wrong before, but the program works great now. (XP/1.1.1)
    I hope you continue development!

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    Hi all,

    Thank you for all the kind words.

    @ CPham12: the app will locate the sms archive at /var/root/Library/SMS/sms.db by default. If it fails, the above error message will pop out. I am using 1.0.2 so not sure if the path has changed in later firmware. Can you search for that file on your phone and give me the path? Also the path for 1.1.1 is very much appreciated. I will make another release just to fix this so you guys with new firmware can use.


    Didn't notice Dash-2 said he was using 1.1.1. So it appears that the path in 1.1.1 is the same. Only that for 1.1.2 is needed.

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    great program for windows and hope there we can import the sms back to the pohone also...that would be kool!

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    Its not hard to import the messages back to the phone (overwrite the sms archive on the phone with the one stored on PC). Just interested in how many would you like to do that?

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    So I'm going to be completely honest and say that I don't exactly know how to find that filepath. I've opened Explorer and changed my setting to view all hidden files and that's about it. All I see from the iPhone is the Apple iPhone Camera under my computer hard drives. Any insight on how to find the path?

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    Where do I download?

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    @CPham12: you dont use Windows Explorer to browse the files on your iphone. I suggest you use something like iPhoneBrower
    @alexwrx: in the download page of this site

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    Default Thanks
    Great program. Been waiting on something like this for Windows since I got the iPhone. I'd say it's definitely worth you continuing development.

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    Smile features request
    can you add these functionalities to iDataBackup-
    1. Editing any sms from the phone
    2 Removing any sms from the phone
    3 Create a storing thread and option to drag the messages there.
    4 Contact syncing support and saving it on computer as a .vcf or .txt file. The file for contacts is located at /var/root/Library/AddressBook
    5. Also contact adding, removing and editting features
    Here's a manual method for doing these things -
    and i love your app

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    Does anyone know of a similar app for the Mac?

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    Livin the iPhone Life heath_rox's Avatar
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    Yep! Iphone Drive
    "Its better to be a pirate than join the navy"Steve Jobs

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    Quote Originally Posted by heath_rox View Post
    Yep! Iphone Drive
    What exactly does it do? Specifically I'm looking to export all my SMSs into a text file.

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    Program crashes on me when I open it. Any suggestions?

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